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After the seedlings are irrigated with water, move to a sunny place after the seedlings are slowed down(plant growing trays). In the middle of April or the beginning of May in the south, everyone can remove the seedlings from the outdoor culture, and timely watering to keep the soil moist(nursery tree pots). When the seedling grows to 4 leaves, start to apply liquid fertilizer: 7-10 days of topdressing a decomposed pale liquid fertilizer.

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First put it in the semi-shade, if you survive, pay attention to water and fertilizer(plastic greenhouse trays). As a kind of active plant, mimosa is welcomed and loved by everyone, and is raised by many flower friends at home, adding a lot of color to our life. . The adaptability of mimosa is well known. It is not easy to be infested by pests and diseases(black plastic garden pots). However, if it is too neglected to manage, mimosa will also grow insects, which will affect the ornamental. What about mimosa?

(greenhouse 1 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)However, on the Internet, there are still many flower friends asking me how to do mimosa(10x20 growing trays). Suggestions for this small series: If you have a flower market near your home, you can buy insecticide from inside and spray it back; if you have no flower market in your home, you can take the following methods to deal with it urgently: mimosa, usually in the summer(cheap potting pots), At this point you should have toilet water in your home.

When the seedlings grow to a height of 3 cm, the seedlings are transplanted(square plastic plant pots uk). Moreover, mimosa has strong adaptability, so it is rarely infested by pests and diseases. After the mimosa seedling grows up, it can be replaced once again: 15~20 cm. Get out the silk inside the cigarette and soak it in water for 2 or 3 days(5 gallon pots cheap). The yellow water that is soaked can kill the insects. It may be a pest such as a scarab, a tiger, or a slug. 

Drop a few drops of toilet water in the water; in addition to the toilet water(black plastic plant containers), you can also use the electric mosquito-repellent tablets to buy it into the basin, which can effectively deworm, although it can not be exhausted, but can be alleviated. If you don't have the above two, use a cigarette thread(15 inch plant pots)! Of course, if you are not afraid of wasting, smoking cigarettes on the potting soil will also have an insect repellent effect.(greenhouse 1 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)

In case, wash clothes and peppers, you must have it(gallon planting pots)! Spray with 5% concentration of washing powder water, then sprinkle some pepper particles into the pot, and combine it to deworm. What to do with mimosa worms, the above is a general method, you can try. According to Xiaobian, Mimosa is basically free of pests and diseases, and even if there is(3 gal plant containers), it is most likely to be paralyzed. If it is, you can use fresh lime powder in the morning to control it.

(greenhouse 1 gallon grow bags wholesale supplier)If it is not a cockroach, it will be eaten by the worm without growing the leaves for two days(plastic seedling trays). At this point, the flower friends can bury the carbofuran, or water the carbofuran water, but this is highly toxic, everyone should pay attention to safety. In the breeding method of mimosa(nursery plant trays), we have introduced that it has requirements for light, water, fertilizer, temperature, etc., and once we can't satisfy it, its leaves will turn yellow.

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