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Greenhouse 128 Cell Sowing Plug Tray Wholesale

To improve the level of vegetable seedling seedling raising and seedling management in China(wholesale greenhouse pots), we must fundamentally improve these problems. The so-called vegetable plug seedling refers to the use of grass charcoal and perlite materials as the growth substrate of vegetables, and the plugs in different cavities are used as the main container for vegetable seedlings(gallon nursery pots), and the seed number is accurately calculated to improve the survival of each seed.

(greenhouse 128 cell sowing plug tray wholesale)Therefore, this method of raising seedlings is more delicate in terms of management than the traditional method of seedling raising vegetables(flat plastic tray), greatly improving the survival rate of seeds, reducing the cost of seedling raising, and reducing unnecessary waste. Therefore, this technology is widely used in the vegetable growing industry in China(cell trays), and relevant personnel should also pay attention to such seedling technology.

Determining the appropriate vegetable sowing period is the basic guarantee for the success of vegetable seedlings(seed starter trays). If improper selection of seedling period may lead to vegetable seedling failure, resulting in economic and material waste, it is essential to choose a reasonable period for vegetable seedlings(gallon plant pot). First, determine the purpose of vegetable cultivation, and select the seedling period for vegetables according to the different planting purposes of the vegetables.

(greenhouse 128 cell sowing plug tray wholesale)Probability, a new vegetable planting technique that enables seeds to be seeded at a time(plastic grow pots). Finally, to further improve the economic benefits of vegetable growing in China. Vegetable planting technicians must pay attention to this link. In the preparation of the plug tray, the characteristics of the vegetable itself should be fully considered(plug trays). The commercial substrate can be directly used to reduce the moisture penetration potential of the matrix. 

Consider the following aspects(square nursery pots). The cultivation method can also influence the determination of the sowing date to some extent. In the process of using vegetable tray technology to grow vegetables, suitable plugs are the key factor for the success of the seedling method. In terms of the development of vegetable seedling seedling technology in China(propagation tray), more types of trays are made of plastic and polystyrene foam, of which plastic trays are mainly used.

If the temperature requirement of the vegetable is relatively high(greenhouse supplies pots), the black plastic should be selected, which helps the vegetable to absorb heat, and at the same time promotes the development of the vegetable root system and accelerates the seedling process(bulk half gallon pots). It is also important to note that the trays must be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before secondary use to avoid adverse effects of bacteria and viruses on the growth of vegetables.(greenhouse 128 cell sowing plug tray wholesale)

Under normal circumstances, in the vegetable seedling stage, in order to improve the efficiency of vegetable seedling cultivation(black plastic plant pots), the tray seedling seedling period management.When the soil is extremely dry, soak the seeds with 50% carbendazim WP 500 times for 1 hour, or soak seeds with 40% formaldehyde 150-200 times for 20~ For 30 minutes(2 gallon plant pots manufacturer), the seeds should be spread out, covered with a damp cloth to moisturize, and manually pressed the holes.

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