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At the same time, the tree species has a unique pattern, beautiful appearance and high appreciation value(square grow pots). This kind of seedling seedling cultivated successfully after 11 years has a breast diameter of 16cm, high survival rate, strong water storage capacity, and the overall growth state of the tree species is good(72 cell seedling trays wholesale). Dispersed and so on, so the North American Maple tree species can be planted in Liaoyuan East Road, Yangpu District.

(greenhouse 20 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)North American sweet gum, native to the United States, has been introduced in many countries around the world for breeding(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The tree belongs to the deciduous broad-leaved forest. The leaves on the trunk are mostly dark green in spring and summer, and gradually change from green to red and yellow in autumn(50 cell seed starting trays). Wait, the leaves will not fall in the winter, and the leaves will remain on the branches for a long time.

Maple sinensis requires more water to grow in the soil, and it needs to be drained in time(nursery plant pots). The tree species is bright, and North American maple scent is currently planted as the main tree species. Seeds that meet the seedling seedling cultivation are selected and placed in the seedling substrate(105 cell seed starting trays). After sowing, the light-soil-free soil material mixture such as peat can be used to make the tree species grow and develop smoothly.

If long-distance transportation is required, tree roots and other roots will not occur(seed starting trays). It can be used as a barrier for urban greening. The tree species are mainly seeded by seedlings during cultivation. For the growth environment has a strong adaptability, the soil pH value generally needs to be slightly acidic, and the soil layer needs to have better drainage performance(32 cell seed starting trays). Make the soil contain more nutrients. The height of the trees is high.(greenhouse 20 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)

Need to choose the transplant land(large plastic terracotta pots). Therefore, as a street tree planting has a high application value in the city, it is necessary for the urban greening planter to grasp the relevant characteristics of the tree species and the demand conditions of the tree species for the living environment, thereby effectively formulating the planting plan of the North American sweet gum(seed plug trays wholesale). In addition, in this study, the planting standards are met.

First of all, but it is easy to cause the soil to bond, the roots are buried in the ground for a long time(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), it is easy to cause root rot and other problems, the survival rate of the tree species is not high; the soil to survive must also have a certain weak acidity(128 cell seed starter trays). Therefore, in the choice of depression, green growers need to choose a soil environment with abundant irrigation water sources and complete drainage facilities to prepare for transplantation.

(greenhouse 20 gallon nursery grow bags manufacturers)Second, dig the planting hole(gallon pot). The depth requirement for the planting hole in the North American Maple planting needs to be 70cm deep and the width is about 1.4m. One month before the planting of North American maple scent, the planter needed to prepare the soil layer for the planting, and went deep into the ground to turn the soil(plastic plant trays wholesale), causing the condensed clods to be broken and adding nutrients such as organic fertilizer.

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