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Greenhouse 50 Cell Germination Plug Trays

It is finally determined that the existing advanced and practical strawberry tray high-tech breeding technology is identified(wholesale nursery pots), screened and optimized, and a complete set of comprehensive technical route for strawberry seedling high-tech seedling production is explored, and the design of strawberry strawberry tray high-breeding technology is proposed(seedling trays wholesale). The excellent and high-quality seedling breeding system of strawberry was initially established.(greenhouse 50 cell germination plug trays)

The strawberry production will be gradually turned to safe, large-scale, standardized planting(black plastic nursery pots), improve the quality of strawberry products, increase the yield per mu, and finally improve the coverage of strawberry cultivation in the city, improve the economic benefits of the strawberry industry, and promote industrial upgrading(200 cell seed starter trays). Watering once a day, if necessary, using foliar fertilization or watering nutrient solution to supplement plant nutrition.

It is best to use 50-hole trays for strawberries(plastic nursery pots). Covering with black plastic film cultivation can speed up seedling growth, prevent weed growth, prevent soil diseases from infecting plants, and prevent rooting of stems and soils in the future, affecting the picking of seedlings. The flower buds are well-differentiated, and the technical requirements that restrict the safety(plant start trays wholesale), scale and standardization of the strawberry industry are deeply understood. The project was implemented smoothly.

(greenhouse 50 cell germination plug trays)To increase the seedling coefficient, the key link in strawberry production is seedling breeding(plug trays wholesale). Select the seedlings on the disease-free and firm stalks, leave the stalks 1~2cm, cut them with scissors, and facilitate transplanting. Seedlings can be planted after harvesting. If they cannot be planted in time, the method is to cut a long stem (with several seedlings on it), put it in a plastic bag(32 cell seed starter trays), store it at 0 °C ~ 0.5 °C and 90%~ 95% relative humidity, up to 2 months.

The diameter of the holes is about 5 cm and the depth is 8 cm(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). A sterile mixed artificial substrate such as peat soil, nutrient soil, vermiculite, perlite powder, and the like is used. Insert the trimmed seedlings into the substrate, not deeply buried. Immediately after planting, the tray is poured once for water, and then sprayed 7 to 12 days later to maintain the humidity above 90%(72 cell propagation trays). When the seedlings are lifted, the roots will not be scattered and the spray will stop.

In view of the actual status of the current strawberry industry(plastic nursery pots wholesale), through careful study and research on successful planting experience at home and abroad, significant economic benefits have been achieved with success: when the seedlings stop spraying, the trays can be moved to full-light conditions for refining 2~ After 3 weeks, the leaves and roots develop more robustly(200 cell seed starting trays). After the refining of the seedlings, the fields can be transplanted.(greenhouse 50 cell germination plug trays)

The seedlings of the plugs are early, the yield is high, the quality is good, and the berries enter the market early, which can be listed 10 to 15 days in advance(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Through the project drive, through the strong support of the municipal and county departments, through the hard work and hard work of the majority of professional and technical personnel, the basic framework of the strawberry seedling breeding system has been successfully established(72 cell plug trays supplier), which provides a solid guarantee for the development of the strawberry industry.

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