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The plant will go into a dormant state. How do the jasper plants stick(plastic nursery pots)? After the flower is finished, the perennial and mature branches are usually inserted. Branches, cut the selected branches into 3 to 4 branches, to ensure that the buds on each branch are not damaged, and cut the side with the bud end into a diagonal shape with a knife(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), and then soak it in clear water 1~2 Around the day, it can be placed in a good air circulation environment.

Place a layer of fine sand on top to promote root growth(wholesale nursery pots). Then the branches are inserted into the soil separately, the depth of insertion is the best of two-thirds of the plants, and the root water is poured once, and the distance between each row is about 30cm(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Keep the soil moist, cover with a layer of wet and dry grass, strengthen the management of fertilizer and water, and weed to make the grass grow better after growing the leaves.(greenhouse 65 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers)

Pour in water and stir well(65 gallon grow bags). It is best to put the seeds into the clear water. The surrounding area is compacted with a layer of soil and poured into the water once. Be careful when pilling, then remove the bulb from the soil. Do not let its bulbs get damaged. There are many ways to breed the primrose. It needs to be removed from 10 to 15cm for a period of time(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). There are many kinds of planting methods for plum blossoms. 

Generally, all the leaves on the branches are treated(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Since the figs grow in the loose and fertile sandy soil, the mixed soil of sandy loam and humus can be used. Then, an appropriate amount of decomposed organic fertilizer solution is added as a substrate, and the fig is a commonly used propagation method(6 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is best in the early March to the middle of March, and the perennial and mature branches are selected as the cuttings.(greenhouse 65 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers)

However, each time the branches are inserted into the potting soil(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), after the cuttings are inserted into the potting soil, the parts on the ground will be dry, avoiding pests and diseases, and inserting the prepared branches obliquely into the soil for ventilation. At the position of the sun, if the daytime light is too strong, it needs a short time to shame, but it should not be too long(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, the soil should be kept moist. The temperature is controlled at 20~25°C, about 2~3 weeks. root.

First of all, we must choose the vigorously growing branches of two years or more as cuttings(black plastic nursery pots), and cut the branches into multiple branches to ensure that there are bud ends on each branch. Generally, they can be used in spring and autumn. When picking up strong branches, when talking about how primrose is planted(12 cell propagation trays wholesale), you can actually sow the seeds directly into the potting soil, and first spray the carbendazim on the soil.(greenhouse 65 gallon nursery grow bags suppliers)

And in the process of its flowering, when cutting, the cutting depth is two-thirds(seedling trays). Generally, the flowers that are defeated are cut off, and the flower branches are cut off together. Pour less water after pruning, otherwise the leaves are easy to grow. It is necessary to apply less fertilizer and apply fertilizer with high phosphorus and potassium content to ensure the growth of the bulb(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, let it receive the light every day, not to be exposed to strong light.

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