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Greenhouse 7 Gallon Nursery Plant Pots In Bulk

Basically, do not ventilate, control the temperature inside the shed at 24 ~ 25 ° C(plastic plant trays wholesale), the ground temperature is about 20 ° C, in case of rainy weather, the pressure continues to increase the rhizosphere soil. In the early stage of growth, when cold weather is encountered, the rhizosphere soil may be warmed at appropriate intervals(12cm nursery pot), or multiple layers of covering measures such as covering straw curtains may be used for heat preservation.(greenhouse 7 gallon nursery plant pots in bulk)

In order to avoid high temperature above 35 °C, the shed film can be removed and transferred to open field cultivation(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). After entering the fruiting period, the manure can be applied when the eggplant begins to expand. The result should be topdressed every 10 days, every mu. The application of thin manure 1500-2000 kg, the top dressing should have been harvested in the previous batch(12cm plant pots), and the next batch of fruit is being rapidly expanded.

The maximum temperature in the shed should not exceed 28-30 °C(perlite manufacturers), and the ground temperature should be 15-20 °C. Especially in the results of Shengshang in the beginning of each layer of fruit development, the long-term and a few days before harvest, watering should be timely(plastic terracotta pots wholesale), the first, middle and late stage of fruit development should be "less, more, less" The first watering of each layer of water is best combined with topdressing.(greenhouse 7 gallon nursery plant pots in bulk)

When pruning, a part of the lower leaves can be removed, and moderate leaf picking can reduce the falling flowers(12.5 cm plant pots), reduce the actual decay and promote the coloration of the fruit. The amount of watering increases with the growth and development of the plants: increasing. After the seedlings are slowed down, that is, each branch retains two symmetrical branches that grow obliquely or horizontally, and the remaining branches(v11 plastic pots), especially the vertical upward branches, are uniformly erased. 

During the period of picking(plastic plant pots), all the axillary buds that occurred in the following are removed after the eggplant is stabilized. After the flowering of the eggplant and the four mothers, the axillary buds of the lower part of the eggplant are removed, and the four mothers are removed in time, in addition to removing the axillary buds in time(stackable planter pots). Topping the heart to ensure that each individual plant harvests 5-7 fruits.

(greenhouse 7 gallon nursery plant pots in bulk)When the temperature of the shed exceeds 25 °C, it should be ventilated in time. After planting and slowing down the seedlings(square plastic pots), a thin manure should be applied in combination with the watering. The amount of watering each time should be flexibly controlled according to the plant growth and weather conditions at that time(10cm flower pot). The period can be 7 cm in deep and medium tillage in the middle and late stages.

In order to improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions(nursery trays), a part of aging yellow leaves or leaves with weak photosynthesis may be removed. The method of picking leaves is: when the diameter of the eggplant is as long as 34 cm, the old leaves of the lower part of the eggplant are removed, and when the diameter of the four mother eggs is 3 to 4 cm(7 gallon plastic pots), the old leaves of the lower part of the eggplant are removed, and the leaves are not picked later leaf.(greenhouse 7 gallon nursery plant pots in bulk)

Generally consider the use of plastic greenhouse cold bed seedlings, covered with plastic film(15 gallon pot), until the end of May to early June, the mulch film is removed for a cultivating soil, when cultivating, in order not to damage the electric heating line, the soil is only easily moved between the plants, In general, the inter-row cultivating should master the principle of shallow in the early and middle-late period(10cm plastic plant pots). The middle and late cultivating should be combined with the soil.

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