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In the comprehensive prevention and control of agriculture(grow bag greenhouse), the following measures can be taken: selecting resistant varieties and promoting rotation with non-Compositae vegetables and grass crops for 2-3 years. Accelerate the decomposition of the diseased body(15 gallon plant container), remove the residuals of the diseased plants, destroy the bottom leaves or diseased leaves that have lost photosynthesis, and carry them out of the field. Implement a 3-4 year rotation.

Reasonable close planting and reasonable fertilization, application of decomposed organic fertilizer, ditch drainage(smart grow pots), enhance ventilation and light transmission in the field, and reduce daytime humidity. It is cultivated by mulching, planted with soil, and the mulch is applied to the ground or black mulch(fabric bags bulk). When cultivating summer hair, use a shade net or a shed film to properly shade. Open field planting with sweet corn or kidney beans (4 ~ 6): 1 work to improve the field microclimate.

(greenhouse 7 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)Pay attention to high temperature drying, select resistant varieties(200 gallon grow bags), rotate, and properly control planting density: apply sufficient base fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, strengthen water and fertilizer management in seedling stage, ditch drainage, irrigation and fertilization to reduce field humidity(rootmaker trays). Seeds were selected with a concentration of 10% saline to remove sclerotia mixed into the seeds.

Under humid conditions, the diseased plant festered upward from the base(20 inch plastic planter). Spray 50% lysozyme wettable powder 600-700 times solution, or 28% gray mold gram wet powder 600 times solution, or 50% fungicide WP 600-800 times solution, or 50% procymidone Wet powder 1500 times solution(100 gallon grow bags), or 40% gray mold nucleus net suspension agent 1200 times solution, or 65% carbendazim WP 1000 times solution, or chlorhexidine.

The leaf spots are initially water-soaked(18 inch plant pot), and after expansion, they are irregularly shaped like ash-brown spots. When the humidity is high, a layer of gray mold is produced in the diseased part. Deep cultivation, according to the condition 7-10 days spray 1 time, continuous control 3-4 times. High temperature, heavy rain, many insects, many wounds, heavy black rot and low-lying land(10 gallon fabric grow bags), early planting, and water accumulation in the field, the incidence is serious. (greenhouse 7 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)

The bacteria are harmful to the leaves and stems. The leaves of the diseased plants turn yellow and withered(plastic tree containers). Select resistant varieties, such as plants of upright varieties, the water at the base of the stem is easy to evaporate, which can reduce the invasion of pathogens(1 gallon fabric grow bags); it is better to choose plots with higher topography and good drainage conditions to avoid the use of low-lying and easy-to-slow plots: implementation of crop rotation.

The diseased plant was removed and the diseased cavity was disinfected with lime(small potting pots). In addition to harming lettuce, it also harms Chinese cabbage, cabbage, radish, onions and other vegetables. The main symptom is that the base of the ground stem first presents a water-stained brown lesion, which then spreads upwards and rots(plastic ground cover for weeds). The diseased part is covered with white filaments and black scorpion-like large particles.(greenhouse 7 inch plastic plant pots suppliers)

Pesticide is rarely used in production(grow bags manufacturers), but there are also diseases such as downy mildew, fungus disease, viral disease, brown spot disease, and insects such as aphids and spider mites. The rosette period is prevented in time, and the sick body is removed after harvesting. Sowing at the right time, after the emergence of small water, do not over-distribute the seedlings(decorative plastic planters). In short, the diseased plant gradually dried up and died. 

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