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The roots of the rich tree are very underdeveloped(gallon pot). Many flower friends are rich in the cause of the tree because of the rotten roots. In the end, how long does it take to make a tree of water, and how much water is poured at a time? It must be clearly stated here that the situation varies from place to place, and the use of pots and soil is different(flat plastic tray). So there is no fixed watering standard, so how do you water the flowers?

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The sowing rate of sowing is still quite high. In fact, the rich tree is not too small to be watered once a month(wholesale greenhouse pots). In addition, it tells the flower friend a small trick. At this time, the plant lacks water and will not die very quickly. It will recover soon after watering, but if the water is smashed, the basics It can't be saved, and the rich tree can usually spray more water and less water. Although the rich tree is a large plant(blow molded nursery pots), it is not too long and too tall because of the limited growth space.

The swollen stem of the rich tree can store water, so it has certain drought-resistance ability(cell trays). It is not suitable for frequent watering. It should follow the principle of “do not dry or pour, pour and pour out”, that is, wait until the potting soil is white or touch the potting soil by hand. The surface layer is dry. At this time, it should be watered in time and poured into the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin(1 gallon nursery pots wholesale). If the water is excessive, the root system will rot or even die.(greenhouse black plastic flower pots manufacturers)

Can not bask in the sun, if you often pour in a single pass will die, prudent watering(greenhouse supplies pots). Compared to the bought potted plants, the wealthy trees that are planted by themselves are easier to maintain. In the summer, the water is poured once every 3 to 5 days, and once in the spring and autumn, 5 to 10 days. Because the germination of the rich tree is strong, it cannot be affected by the lack of water in the basin(2 gallon nursery pots wholesale). Put it indoors and spray it once every 2 days.

(greenhouse black plastic flower pots manufacturers)Watering in the outdoor large water or not watering indoors for more than ten days, there will be no water ripples and dry elephants causing the leaves to yellow(square nursery pots). In winter, depending on the room temperature, the basin soil is slightly suitable. If the room temperature is around 12 ° C, water can be poured once a month(3 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In the high temperature growth period, there must be sufficient water, no watering for several days, but avoid water in the basin and reduce watering in winter.

Even after some pruning and tossing, new leaves and leaves can be sprouted soon, which will bring a leafy scene in a short period of time(plastic grow pots). However, unlike the transplanting, the rich tree after the transplanting often needs to take a short time to adapt to the new potting environment in order to appear normal growth(5 gallon nursery pots wholesale). The transfer of the rich tree is a must-do job, but can it be watered immediately after the transplant? How long does it take to water the tree?

Before deciding to transfer the tree to the tree, it is usually necessary to stop watering 2-3 days in advance, which makes it easier to remove the basin(seed starter trays). But whether it is possible to water immediately after watering or how long it takes to water has become our new problem(7 gallon nursery pots wholesale). In fact, the watering tree that has just been transplanted is very important in addition to being placed in an environment with good ventilation and avoiding light.(greenhouse black plastic flower pots manufacturers)

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