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Greenhouse Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Plant Pots

After the strawberry begins to grow and before the flowering period(plastic grow trays), the potted strawberry is best to apply the base fertilizer before planting. The fertilization period of the strawberry should be rational fertilization to ensure the plant grows robustly, and the flowering is more, the fruit is more, the fruit is larger, and the choice of base fertilizer is Many(1 gallon nursery pots), such as long-acting slow-release fertilizers, and other organic fertilizers can be used.(greenhouse heavy duty 15 gallon plant pots)

Generally, in the strawberry berry expansion period, the fertilizer can be applied to the fertilizer plant with high nitrogen and potassium(plastic grow pots). In order to restore the growth of the plant as soon as possible, new roots of new leaves are formed, and top dressing should be carried out as needed. The vegetable friends don't have to mind what brand of fertilizer they use. Just look at the active ingredient content of the fertilizer(plastic seedling trays). Also, remember that strawberry fertilization should not be too much.

Because strawberry field herbicide can effectively control all kinds of weeds(greenhouse plant pots), and saves time and effort, and is economical, it has become the first choice for farmers. Let's take a look at what strawberry field herbicides are and how to use them. 50% simazine wettable powder; is selected as a systemic soil-treating herbicide. In the early spring before the cultivation of the land, the snow in the strawberry field is melted(5 gallon plant pot), 50-100g per acre, and 15kg of fine dry soil is applied to the ground.

(greenhouse heavy duty 15 gallon plant pots)The reasonable topdressing of strawberries(wholesale greenhouse pots), the topdressing is estimated to be the most choice of flower friends, most of the flower friends have forgotten the base fertilizer. It should be based on the principle of thin fertilizer, because strawberry root is sensitive to fertilizer. Use 100 ml of water per mu to spray the surface or spray the stems and leaves of the weeds. If the base fertilizer is useful, the fertilizer can be applied(1020 flats). Spray 250 ml of water per acre with 40-50 kg of water. 

48% trifluralin emulsifiable concentrate; directional spray application of the liquid before the spring germination of the strawberry or when the weeds grow 2-3 leaves(seed starter trays). Immediately after spraying, the medicinal herbs were mixed with shallow top soil (3-5 cm). 48% lanolin: Directional spray before the sprouting of strawberry seedlings or just after weeds(wholesale nursery grow bags). Use 200~250ml per acre to spray 5O-75kg of water, and immediately use the taro to simmer the topsoil (2-3cm).(greenhouse heavy duty 15 gallon plant pots)

20% take the emulsifiable emulsifiable concentrate: at this time, use 75 ml of water and 23 kg of water per acre(square nursery pots), and spray it on the stems and leaves of the sedge. 35% stable emulsifiable concentrate: or directional spray when weeds grow 2-3 leaves. Use 100 ml of water per mu to spray the surface or spray the stems and leaves of the weeds(40 cell seed starting trays). 17.5% grass can be emulsifiable: Directional spray before the strawberry seedlings are unearthed or when the weeds grow 2-3 leaves.

In order to meet the demand for various nutrients during the flowering period of strawberry(black plastic plant pots), before and after the strawberry growth period in October, the farmers need to do the weeding work in the strawberry field. When 3-5 leaves are grown in the field, the general fertilizer can be applied after spraying the grass garlic seedlings(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). After the strawberry is used in large amounts, the strawberry is very sensitive to chlorine. Control the use of chlorine-containing fertilizers.

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