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Greenhouse Nursery Plant Rootmaker Trays

Strawberry is loved by more and more people for its high nutritional value, quick effect, pleasing to the eye, and pleasant fragrance(plastic plant trays wholesale). As a short-term and fast-growing project, the area of strawberry cultivation in China is getting larger and larger. Due to its high survival rate, no slow seedling period, strong seedling growth(gallon pot), early fruit ripening and significant economic benefits, strawberry plug seedlings have a growing demand for strawberry plug seedlings, which is in short supply.(greenhouse nursery plant rootmaker trays)

From the nursery to the packing and transportation of the seedlings, we have gained some experience(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Now we will summarize the production techniques of the strawberry seedlings as follows for reference and discussion. The production of plug seedlings should be prepared in the spring when the field is planted, and the planting density for the seedlings is 20% to 30% higher than that of ordinary seedlings(32 cell seed trays wholesale). The ground should be compacted and leveled to facilitate the placement and watering of the trays.

(greenhouse nursery plant rootmaker trays)The plots adjacent to the strawberry seedling production field are selected(large plastic terracotta pots). Generally, 70,000 to 80,000 seedlings can be placed in 1 mu. The amount of seedlings produced as planned is reserved for the land, which can be used to grow early-maturing crops (which can be harvested before July 20). This is conducive to the placement of the plugs (usually the size of the tray is 50 cm × 30 cm(seed starting trays wholesale), 32 trays of strawberry seedlings per tray) and sprinkler irrigation facilities.

In the past few years, the sunshade net has been fixed on the connecting line, and it is usually fixed at every 1 meter(nursery plant pots). As people's living standards continue to increase, the prepared substrates are sorted and the impurities are evenly mixed. The area of the plot is determined according to the number of seedlings of the strawberry plug seedlings(3.54inch plastic plant pots). A 10 wire iron wire is placed between the columns, and a sunshade net is laid on the top, and a sunshade net with a thin mesh is selected.

The shape of the block should be square. The height of the net shed is subject to the operation(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Generally, it is about 2 meters. The column and the cross frame can be taken locally. The distance between the surrounding columns is about 4 meters, and the spacing between the columns can be widened appropriately(4.13inch plastic plant pots). The column is buried deep, and the surrounding columns are fixed with 2~3 lines of 12 wire diagonally to prevent the wind from blowing down the awning.

(greenhouse nursery plant rootmaker trays)Determine the placement position of the plug tray(square grow pots), place the two trays horizontally and oppositely in a row, and fill the substrate at the same time. When filling, use the flat milling to make the substrate, and ensure that there are no holes, no hollow, and scraped off. The excess matrix is such that the surface of the substrate is level with the surface of the tray(3.54inch plastic nursery pots), and the distance between the two rows is about 50 cm, which serves as a working channel and a sprinkler belt.

The sunshade net is placed around it to block direct sunlight in the morning and evening(seed starting trays). After the above preparations are completed, the sprinkler belts are laid on the vertical working lanes in the tray bed, and the spacing of the sprinkler belts can be set according to the sprinkling irrigation width of the sprinkler belts. The sprinkler irrigation is narrow, and a sprinkler belt is placed between each bed of the platter(3.94inch plastic plant pots); the spray irrigation is wide, and a sprinkler belt can be laid at intervals of 2 rows of platter beds.

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