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Greenhouse Plant 72 Cell Propagation Tray Australia

The phenomenon of yellow leaves in potted orchids will inevitably affect the viewing and even affect the normal growth of the plants(plastic nursery pots). Because Phalaenopsis is not only suitable for viewing leaves, but also more suitable for flower viewing, it is a very good ornamental flower plant. Then, generally after the whole leaf is finished, it will fall into the basin itself(2 gallon nursery pots bulk). At this time, we need to take it away in time to avoid the decay and germs and infect other normal leaves.(greenhouse plant 72 cell propagation tray australia)

At the same time, check and reflect on whether the usual maintenance management methods are correct and whether the plant's growing environment is suitable(plug trays wholesale). There are many reasons for the yellowing of the leaves of Phalaenopsis. Originally, such as too much watering, attack by pests and diseases, etc., like this leaf, it began to turn yellow a few days ago(3 gallon nursery pots bulk). Today, I opened it and found that there are no leaves. Less eggs. When we encounter this situation, we need to deal with the diseased leaves in time.

(greenhouse plant 72 cell propagation tray australia)Therefore, in this case, we simply cut it off to avoid spreading the pests and diseases to other leaves(plastic nursery pots wholesale). And if you do not cut off such leaves, it will also affect the overall ornamental of the pot. But sometimes we find that the phenomenon of a small amount of yellow leaves in Phalaenopsis is not due to improper management or plant infections of pests and diseases, but the metabolism of plants during the growth process(5 gallon nursery pots bulk), a manifestation of new and old replacement.

However, although the yellow leaves appear in this case are normal, it is usually a potted phalaenopsis that has been raised for a long time(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If you do not have these two fertilizers, you can choose to add water and fermented farmyard fertilizer to water the fertilizer. There is orchid special fertilizer in the family, and the orchid special fertilizer is directly applied. The summer temperature is high, and it is necessary to stop fertilizing the orchid(bulk 10 gallon pots). In the fall, the growth rate of Phalaenopsis begins to cool down, and the number of fertilizations is also reduced.

(greenhouse plant 72 cell propagation tray australia)If frequent fertilization of orchids affects the formation of flower buds, it is difficult to flower(black plastic nursery pots). We must pay attention to the cleaning of the leaves of the Phalaenopsis. You can use a wet tissue to wipe the leaves of the moth orchid, pay attention to the front and back sides should be evenly wiped clean, which can improve the breathing ability of the leaves, thereby absorbing more water and nutrients from the air, and better promote the growth of plants(7 gallon nursery pots bulk). Avoid or reduce the occurrence of yellow leaves.

I also tried spraying and killing, and the effect was not satisfactory(wholesale nursery pots). Take the Phalaenopsis from the original flower pot, slowly remove the original plant material, there is dried water moss directly bought by the flower friends, but do not know how to use dry water moss, the medium of Phalaenopsis, this is the most common, Phalaenopsis is preserved with water moss as a medium. Some gaps are not well filled(bulk 14 gallon pots), and can be done with a small tool such as a professional, and the plant material can be filled to a distance of about 1-2 cm from the basin.

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