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Greenhouse Planting Pots Wholesale Suppliers USA

Yemen Iron enjoys a warm, humid, well-ventilated environment(4 cell propagation trays wholesale). The growth temperature is 20-30 °C. In winter, it is less than 10 °C. Adverse reactions occur. Hi-yin is also resistant to yin, but it is not conducive to plant health in the long-term yin. It is best to place it in bright and scattered light(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Avoid direct sunlight during the summer, so as to avoid yellowing or whitening of the blade. When the light is too low, the leaves will be grayish green and the brightness is insufficient, and the base leaves are yellowed.

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(greenhouse planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)Especially for the striped species(6 cell propagation trays wholesale), the color becomes lighter or disappears under low light conditions for a long time, thus losing the ornamental value. Yemen Iron Yemen Iron does not have a large demand for water. Generally, watering is suitable for seeing dryness. The interval is uncertain, but there is a certain regularity in a constant environment, but this requires personal experience(seed starter trays). In addition, the water quality should be kept clean, fertilized and watered, and water-soluble fertilizer or decomposed cake fertilizer is generally used.

Fertilizers can be replenished each time it is watered during the vigorous growth period(8 cell propagation trays wholesale); however, when it is slow to grow, it is not necessary to add fertilizer or less fertilizer. Fertilization is based on NPK ternary compound fertilizer, and should not be biased with one element. Foliar fertilizer can also be sprayed outside, such as 0.1-0.2% urea and potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, once every half month(plug trays wholesale). Usually keep the leaf surface clean, do not let too much dust stay on the leaf surface, that is, it is not beautiful, and it is easy to cause disease.

(greenhouse planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)The leaves and plants like a green palm are the octagonal gold plate(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). It is a strong negative flower plant. It is a nice indoor foliage plant. Here are some of the reasons why the indoor flower rental in Shanghai is about the drop of the octagonal gold plate and how to solve the problem of falling leaves. The watering basin is too dry. If it is too wet, it will drop the leaves. After the surface soil is dry, it will be watered(black plastic nursery pots). Do not be too dry or keep it wet for a long time. Do not pour only half of the water. The watering must be poured.

If the temperature is too low in winter, the freezing will also cause the leaves to fall(18 cell propagation trays wholesale). The octagonal gold plate should be kept at an ambient temperature above 20 °C. Because of its negative flower plant, the light is too strong, and it should be suitable for scattering light. It is not resistant to strong exposure or long-term shading. It is moist and afraid of dryness. It should avoid the air outlet(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Excessive fertilization of fertilizers will also drop the leaves. At this time, you can water more, and put them in a well-ventilated, scattered light to maintain.

(greenhouse planting pots wholesale suppliers usa)Especially for newly renovated homes(36 cell propagation trays wholesale), it is inevitable that there will be formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances brought by furniture, flooring, paints, paints, etc., and most of the products on the market that remove these harmful substances are chemicals, or It always makes people feel uneasy(plastic nursery pots). So now more and more families and companies will buy a few pots of green plants to improve the air quality after the new renovation, both for health.

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