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What if the cactus has no roots and rotten roots? Don't rush to throw it(50 cell trays bulk). These five tips will make your pears not die for 20 years. Many of my beautiful ladies and colleagues like to plant green plants, but recently many colleagues told her sister, The thorn pear they bought from the flower shop is very easy to die. They basically lived for three weeks, and even some colleagues found the store reflected(wholesale nursery pots). The answer to the question is, "Cactus is not resistant to smoke and may be contaminated by smoking colleagues in the office.

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(greenhouse plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)"Colleagues can't speak because our department doesn't smoke, let alone some colleagues who have raised up in their own homes(72 cell trays bulk). After listening to this, Miss Sister guessed they were in the same place. It is estimated that they met a profiteer. Many flower shops now sell cactus without roots, because larger cacti can grow many small balls(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Some merchants make money, cut the ball directly, and then sell it to customers before they grow.

Prickly pears without roots are not easy to survive(98 cell trays bulk). This is the case with thorn pears that died shortly after they were bought. In order to deal with this situation, how to raise the fairy ball to avoid death? In fact, there is no way. Please note the following five points: Cinnamon is like a hot, dry environment. If the temperature is too low, the roots will rot, but the temperature is too high and it is easy to cause scale insects(plug trays wholesale). Prickly pears need plenty of sunshine, but they don't glare in the summer and need to be properly blocked.

(greenhouse plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)Indoor cultivation, which can be illuminated by light to make it stronger(105 cell trays bulk). Cactus is suitable for growing well-drained sandy loam. Indoor cultivation is usually made from artificially cultivated soil, usually mixed with grass and fine sand. It can also be added to the fine sand by means of broken pine needles and mixed with the prepared soil. Cactus needs a dry environment, afraid of basin water, causing root rot, better use of already broadcast water(black plastic nursery pots). When the fairy ball is changed to potted soil, a small amount of base fertilizer should be applied to the pelvic floor.

During the growth period, the fermented organic fertilizer liquid fertilizer is poured once every half month(128 cell trays bulk), and the fertilizer concentration should not be too large. More than strolling, even if it is going to the community downstairs, morning market stalls ... but the indoor temperature should be maintained at 3-5 ° C, which is more conducive to the wintering of the pear. In the winter, it should be placed on a window sill or balcony with plenty of light(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Pay attention to the control of the water to make the soil dry and not dry. Do not fertilize. The lower the temperature, the drier the soil should be.

(greenhouse plastic flower pots wholesale supplier)Too low a temperature can cause roots to rot(162 cell trays bulk). High temperature and high temperature and low temperature dormancy period. After half a month, it can be watered a little. Dry soil on the basin, watered on the basin. As long as you are willing to cut, the result will be amazing! The vegetables grown on the balcony are mostly sprouts. Sprouts are the seeds of various cereals, beans, and trees that are cultivated to produce edible "sprouts", also known as "living vegetables." There are more than 30 varieties of common sprouts(plastic nursery pots).

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