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Greenhouse Plastic Gallon Planting Pots Wholesale

Gradually reduce the amount of water before(black plastic garden pots). Generally, the potting soil is firstly immersed in water, and the seeds are mixed with fine sand and then spread on the soil surface, covering about 0.5 cm of soil, and germination for about 3 to 5 days at 15 to 20 °C. When the temperature is higher than 25 °C, the germination rate is low(10x20 growing trays). Therefore, the seeding should be germinated at high temperature, and the seeds should be immersed in water for about 6 hours.

2 to 3 true leaf time seedlings once, the plant spacing is about 5 cm(cheap potting pots). When 5 to 6 true leaves were transplanted, the distance between the lettuce leaves was about 15 cm, and the distance between the lettuce plants was about 30 cm. One week after planting, the decomposed organic fertilizer mainly based on nitrogen fertilizer was sprayed once(square plastic plant pots uk); after 2 weeks and 1 month of planting, the decomposed organic fertilizer was sprayed once, and the requirement was NPK.

(greenhouse plastic gallon planting pots wholesale)Generally, if the plant is deficient in fertilizer, increase the number of fertilization as needed, but stop fertilizing about 2 weeks before harvesting(5 gallon pots cheap). Usually the water is properly controlled in the early growth period, and the soil is required to be moist, but the dipping and water accumulation should be kept between the leaves(mini plastic flower pots). Generally, it should be watered once every 2 to 3 days. When the temperature is high, it should be watered early and late.

After being taken out, wrap it in cloth and put it into the refrigerator in the refrigerator room of about 5 °C for about 3 /4 Seeds are sown when exposed(1 gallon pot). In the afternoon on a sunny day, the roots should be completely buried in the soil, and watered, and managed normally after survival(branded plant pots). Like cold, growth temperature is 1 5 ~ 20 ° C, poor growth at high temperatures, summer should pay attention to shading and cooling.(greenhouse plastic gallon planting pots wholesale)

You can grow all year long, and you will soon be able to harvest a large bowl of vegetables(where to buy plastic plant pots). Since lettuce is a fast-growing seasonal crop, the flower lovers in the north can be planted in spring, summer and autumn, while the flower lovers in the south can also be planted in winter(big flower pots wholesale). When planting, there must be at least 10 cm of space between each plant. Fertile, well-drained soil is needed, often watered to keep the soil moist.

(greenhouse plastic gallon planting pots wholesale)Seedling transplanting requires high humidity and relative humidity of 80% or more(5 gallon planter). If the relative humidity is lower than 75%, the incidence is very mild or not. High humidity, low rain and low temperature are the key factors in the disease. The density is large, the terrain is low, the management is extensive(hydroponics trays cheap), the water shortage is lack of fertilizer, the plant growth is poor, the disease resistance is weak, and the disease is generally heavy.

Lettuce grows rapidly, producing black mold on the lesions when wet. Healthy vegetables do not need too deep flower pots(seed starting pots). The leaf spot of lettuce black spot disease is round, and is limited by the leaf surface in the later stage, which is polygonal, brown or dark brown, and the size is uncertain. Diseased leaves and diseased bodies should be removed from the field or buried in the field in time(4 gallon container). It is not suitable for watering during the flood season.

When the disease is severe, the leaf lesions often converge, causing the leaves to die or the whole leaves to dry up(propagation flats). The rotation with non-cruciferous vegetables was carried out for 2 years. Applying the base fertilizer, but applying the high-quality organic fertilizer that has been decomposed(propagators for sale), and adding phosphorus and potassium fertilizers to make the plant grow better, can improve the disease resistance of the plant.(greenhouse plastic gallon planting pots wholesale)

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