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Greenhouse Plastic Nursery Germination Tray

The temperature and humidity control of the seedbed must be done in the following aspects: firstly, the temperature control(1 gallon plant pots supplier), the seedlings need higher temperature, the daytime temperature is 32 °C ~ 35 °C, and the nighttime 18 °C ~ 20 °C is the best temperature for vegetable seedlings. As we all know, water is one of the basic conditions for ensuring the growth of vegetables(4 gallon container). Therefore, improving the seedbed environment is one of the most critical factors in the growth of seedlings. 

(greenhouse plastic nursery germination tray)On the other hand, humidity control, generally control the humidity of the seedbed to more than 95%(1.5 gallon nursery pots wholesale), such a humidity range is more conducive to vegetable seedlings. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency and quality of vegetable seedlings, technicians must control the moisture content in the trays(propagation flats), and pay attention to the timing of water supply to ensure the proper water environment in the trays. Vegetable growth and development.

It can be evenly distributed around the roots after application(2 gallon plant pots supplier), which is convenient for the roots of the seedlings to be absorbed. In general, the seedbed is the most direct environment for the growth of vegetable seedlings. It is more appropriate to water at around 6:00 in the morning. Fertilizer is also a nutrient for the normal growth of vegetables(propagators for sale). This is because the nutrients of vegetables can meet all the nutrients needed during the vegetable breeding period.

(greenhouse plastic nursery germination tray)The demand for external fertilizer is not large, and it is not necessary to apply external fertilizer(2 gallon plant pots wholesale). The time for watering in the nursery stage must also be mastered. On the basis of suitable temperature for vegetable seedlings, it should also increase the temperature difference between day and night as much as possible(bulk garden pots), which is conducive to reducing the respiration of seeds at night, thereby accumulating nutrients and speeding up the growth of vegetables.

This should be watered alternately by means of dry and wet(1 gallon pots manufacturer). Improving the quality of water and fertilizer regulation can speed up the cultivation of vegetable seedlings, improve the effectiveness of seedling raising, and promote the further development of China's vegetable industry. In the case of fertilization by afforestation, a certain amount of water should be poured first(large nursery containers), so that the relative water content of the soil reaches 50%-60%, and then the planting fertilizer solution is applied.

The special fertilizer for vegetables is affected by various factors such as the water content and nutrient content of the seedlings(2 gallon pots manufacturer), the soil water content and nutrient content of the fixed field, and the environmental conditions of the planting field (such as temperature, light, etc.). It can be completely dissolved in water (especially warm water) in 1-2 minutes. It can also avoid the rooting caused by the direct contact between the solid granular fertilizer and the root system.(greenhouse plastic nursery germination tray)

The so-called dry-wet alternating means that it should be poured once during the watering(7 gallon pots manufacturer), and the next watering will wait until the substrate is dry. The solubility of completely water-soluble fertilizers is as high as 300-500g·L-1, although the fixed fertilizers are applied in vegetable seedlings and after the refining period, they can be divided into the following two fertilization methods(bulk plastic planters). Directly spraying on the plate or fertilizing at the bottom, fertilizing the planting point.

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