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Greenhouse Plastic Planting Trays Wholesale

So if you buy less black skin, then let's talk about how the black melon is planted(plastic nursery pots). According to professional growers, melon prefers a warm environment and is a more heat-resistant crop, so In order to be able to grow well, it should be planted under conditions of good weather and high humidity(20 cell seed starting trays). If the air is dry, the temperature is low, or the insects have less activity on rainy days, which is very unfavorable for pollination.(greenhouse plastic planting trays wholesale)

The sun is still better, and it can be planted throughout the spring and winter(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). If you plant melon in spring, it will be affected by low temperature. It is a very good choice to choose nutrient mash for nursery. It can be screened with fertile soil, mixed with decomposed livestock manure and chaff ash(40 cell seed starting trays). Make it, add a little NPK compound fertilizer, but also pay attention to the need to fine and then mix, otherwise it is easy to hurt the root.

When germination, it may be rotted due to lack of oxygen, and the germination rate is low(plastic nursery pots wholesale). This type of seed needs First use fine sand to scrub the skin, clean the sticky material and place it under the environment of 30 degrees to promote germination(50 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Before germination, you need to wash the seeds with clean water every morning and evening, and then drain the water in time to continue germination.

(greenhouse plastic planting trays wholesale)There are more melons selling green skin in the market(wholesale nursery pots). When the seed skin is smooth and rib-free, it is because the permeability is relatively poor. Winter melon has strong nutrient absorption ability, so it is necessary to apply it to the base fertilizer. It takes about a month to transplant to the field. The nutrient soil needs to be prepared in advance(104 cell seed starting trays). If you encounter a cold wave or a rainy day, you should pay attention to cover it with a film. 

If you choose a good field, you need to carry out deep ploughing(black plastic nursery pots). The base fertilizer is best applied to the farmyard manure plus bean cake plus potassium perphosphate, and then mixed into the soil. Generally, the depth of seeding is generally selected between 2-3 cm, so 1-2 seeds of germinated seeds are planted in the sputum, the seeds are either placed flat or the bud tip needs to face upwards(105 cell seed starter trays), and the stalk is covered with a shading net.

If the emergence rate reaches 70%, it is necessary to remove the cover(18 cell seed starting trays). Before the seedlings are broken, it is necessary to properly control the water. After breaking the heart, it is necessary to maintain the semi-dry and semi-wet of the soil, so that the seedlings can grow stronger(105 cell plastic propagation tray wholesale price). Two or three days before planting, you can first use the chlorothalonil to drench the seedlings, so that you can take the medicine with fertilizer transplant.(greenhouse plastic planting trays wholesale)

In addition, in order to avoid the cold wave during the seedling period, choose a well-drained field from the north to the south(cell trays). The depth selection is more suitable at 30 cm. This is also the basic condition for the growth of winter melon seedlings. Then planted. It is necessary to pay attention to watering between sowing and emergence(seedling trays wholesale), but not too much, afraid of rotten roots, as long as the soil is moist.

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