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Greenhouse Plastic Seedling Tray Manufacturers Indonesia

When is the gourd suitable for planting(square grow pots)? If the gourd wants to be productive, how can we grow it better? In some southern regions, the elderly often recite "March 3, a gourd". After soaking the seeds, the gourd is usually grown from late March to early April. The gourd is a thermophilic plant. After the emergence of melon, it is best at 20 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius(32 cell seed starter trays). This temperature range is the growth and development of the gourd. Suitable temperature.

We must topdress in time. We chose to plant well in well-drained, sandy soil with slightly acidic soil and flat terrain(large plastic terracotta pots). Then we have to build a hoist scaffold. The size of the scaffold is determined by the planting area and planting density. The top of the stone pile required for the scaffolding needs to be connected by wire. The wire needs to be thicker, because the hoist is suspended above the wire(plant start trays wholesale), the wire is too thin, and then the hoist may break the wire because it is too heavy.(greenhouse plastic seedling tray manufacturers Indonesia)

Place the gourd seeds in a plastic bag and hang the plastic bag in the greenhouse for seedling(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Then mix carbendazim with 50 degrees water in a certain ratio and then soak for at least half a day. Make a gap in the seed, use a flower pot to fill the two-inch deep sand, the water content should not exceed 20%, cover it with a thin cloth, then put the gourd seeds on the thin cloth(200 cell seed starter trays), then on the gourd seeds Covered with a thin cloth, the cloth is also filled with two inches of fine sand.

On the fifth day of germination(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), first prepare a plastic bag containing the decomposed farmyard manure needed for the early stage of the gourd, as well as the water needed in the early stage and the sandy soil suitable for the growth of the gourd. After germination of the gourd seeds for one month, we transplanted the gourd to the planting area and selected different planting densities depending on the gourd variety.(seedling trays wholesale) Allow to stand for two days at 30 degrees Celsius.

(greenhouse plastic seedling tray manufacturers Indonesia)In the planting area, the farmer's fertilizer is applied in advance, and the second ammonia fertilizer is added(nursery plant pots). We use the mulch to cover. When the gourd seedlings grow to have seven or eight leaves, they should be sharpened. After the side vines appear, the two balance rafts above are left, and the seventh leaf below all the vines remains, and the rest are removed(gallon pot). After the vine appeared, leave three long leaves to sharpen, and no vines that grow out of the melon are removed.

The gourd mainly controls blight and powdery mildew(plastic plant trays wholesale). The northern hoist is about to start hoist in about late April. Sometimes the weather is cold and the mulch can be covered. Speaking of gourd, isn't the first thought of the gourd doll? The gourd that I want to talk about today looks like a gourd doll. The nutritional value of small gourd is high, and eating has many benefits for the body(cell trays). Pollination is usually carried out in fine weather afternoons.(greenhouse plastic seedling tray manufacturers Indonesia)

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