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Greenhouse Sowing Seedling Trays Manufacturers In Chile

The summer heat season, before and after the "Zhongfu" in the "three days", is also the hottest period of the year(plastic nursery pots). Its development rate is very rapid, stop planting in the sky, and it can be more rapid. Germination, and during the great summer, China has been drinking tea and drinking mutton soup since ancient times(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). So what are the vegetables that are suitable for planting during the great summer? Let's take a look!(greenhouse sowing seedling trays manufacturers in chile)

Insulation has also become a key point in the high yield of carrots, with more than three years of rotation with the grass crops(black plastic nursery pots). Rich, nutritious and rich, the taste is also very good, the development rate is fast, is the more common vegetable cultivation in the family, the leek is one of the vegetables that are more suitable for farmers to plant during the summer heat period(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). Therefore, it is also very suitable for farmers to plant.

As a kind of cool and cold-loving vegetable, cilantro can not only be eaten, but also tastes extremely rich(wholesale nursery pots). Only when we know this kind of appreciation of flowers, it is important that the price of coriander is high now. If farmers grow their own coriander, it is certainly a good choice(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). The green stems and leaves are also able to stop harvesting continuously. Coriander is also a relatively easy-to-plant vegetable, which is quite easy to care for.

(greenhouse sowing seedling trays manufacturers in chile)Before the Tang Dynasty, it was always placed as an appreciation of flowers at home(cell trays). It is also the green plant we are talking about now. Celery as a green plant is not popular now, it is a cumulative accumulation of several years. Later, when someone tried to eat celery, there was such a wonderful taste, planting celery, and it was a flower that could be enjoyed as a green plant(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). It was appreciated, and it was rich in flavor and taste.

Yes, the leeks are also called lazy dishes(plastic nursery pots wholesale), harvested one by one, and can be harvested continuously after planting, thus avoiding the seeding again and again, which is quite convenient for the farmers and the taste of the leeks. Rational fertilization, strengthen management, avoid partial application of nitrogen fertilizer, prevent lengthening, and improve plant disease resistance(98 cell propagation trays wholesale). Water spinach is a vegetable that is not afraid of hot food. 

It has rapid development(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The requirements for fertilizer and soil are extremely loose. As long as it is deep soil, it can stop planting and the water spinach is planted once. This kind of harvesting method can be seen that it is easy to grow water spinach and it is also very suitable(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). Farmers planting, without the need to stop sowing and replacing containers, soil, simply planted some, can meet our usual consumption.(greenhouse sowing seedling trays manufacturers in chile)

Deeply turned in autumn and winter, the sclerotia is buried deep under the soil so that it cannot germinate(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Multiple cultivating in the spring can destroy the production of its sub-sacs and reduce the spread. Clean the garden in time, concentrate the burnt or deep burial of the diseased plant residues, and reduce the source of the disease in the field(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). The celery stems and leaves are green. It is very suitable to plant crops at this time. 

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