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Greenhouse Square Black Plastic Plant Pots

Pruning should be done sooner rather than later, preferably buds to reduce nutrient consumption(square grow pots). It’s true that farmers can grow pumpkins as long as they do a governance. The treatment I am talking about is to stop the adjustment of the pumpkins, including the following three links: pumpkins cultivated on the ground, generally not pruned, letting them develop(13cm plastic grow pots), especially the weakly growing plants do not need to pruning.(greenhouse square black plastic plant pots)

Because there is very little governance, there are very few pumpkins(black plastic plant pots). Generally, early-maturing varieties, especially dense-planted pumpkins and pumpkins planted with stents, use single-vine-type pruning, that is, all the side branches are removed, leaving only the main vines, and after leaving a certain number of melons, the topping is stopped(12.5cm plastic grow pots). It is rainy in the south, and the clods can be pressed on the ground, so that the top of the pumpkin can be exposed to the surface of 12~15 cm.

(greenhouse square black plastic plant pots)That is, picking the heart in the fifth to seventh sections of the main vine, and then leaving 2~3 side branches(gallon nursery pots), leaving 1~2 fruits for each side branch, leaving 2~6 leaves on the second fruit for topping, and the rest are removed, to the side Mainly vines and melons(plastic plant trays wholesale). The main vine can also not pick the heart, but leave 2~3 strong side vines at the base of the main vine, and remove the remaining side branches, and the main side vine can bear the melon.

Many people love to eat, pumpkins are delicious, and there are often people who respond to their own pumpkins(cell trays). As long as the potting soil is constantly water, and it can be ignored, the middle and late maturing varieties adopt multi-vine pruning. For the development of the situation is too strong, the side branches occur more can pruning(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), remove some of the side branches, weak branches, overlapping branches, improve the conditions of ventilation. 

Before the shelves, let the base melons grow on the ground(gallon plant pot). For vines, the vines should be treated first, so that the vines are evenly distributed on the ground. When the vines are stretched by about 0.6 meters, the first vines are sown, that is, a shallow groove of 7-9 cm deep is dug next to the vines, and the vines are gently placed. In the ditch, the soil pressure is good, and the top of the development should be exposed to 12~15 cm(large plastic terracotta pots). Afterwards, it should be pressed once every O.3~0.5 m for 3~4 times.(greenhouse square black plastic plant pots)

The early-maturing pumpkins that are highly densely planted can be pressed once or not(plug trays), and the stent cultivation needs to be pressed 1 or 2 times. After the vines are pressed for 1~2 times, the brackets are introduced. There are two types of cross-type vines and round vines. Cross-type vines, which are to pull the cucurbits to each other on the frame of their adjacent plants(nursery plant pots). The vine-style vines are about to wrap around the frame around the frame, and then pull the shelves.

(greenhouse square black plastic plant pots)For Xiangsong, I like plenty of sunshine, and the growth is slower(propagation tray). The slower the back, especially the potted plants. If you plant them, you can grow to a height. You don’t have to water them to eat. For the potted pine, it is necessary to be more emotional, because the potted soil is relatively small, it is easy to see the situation of basin soil drought, so we must ensure the water content in the potting soil(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). Give a thin fertilizer every 15 days or so.

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