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Heavy Duty 1 Gallon Plant Pots In Canada

Seed potting needs a long process to grow up(wholesale greenhouse pots). In order to increase the speed of seed germination, we will artificially help the seeds to germinate. This can be a lot faster! In the seed pot, the seeds are germinated and then planted. Let the potted seeds germinate more neatly, all the seeds are planted with germinated seeds(cell trays), and the seeds in the potted plants can be prevented from appearing buds, and the bad seeds affect the overall aesthetics of the potted plants.

(heavy duty 1 gallon plant pots in canada)In order to increase the germination rate of the seed(flat plastic tray), it is soaked for 24 hours, and treated in a refrigerator at a low temperature of 0 ° C to 3 ° C for about 15 days to break the dormancy of the seed, and then sown, and the germination rate is high. A friend who has no patience can also use the following method to germination the seed without freezing(21 cell trays bulk), but it may cause the bud rate to decrease without breaking the dormancy at low temperature.

Generally, the seeds are firstly poured into warm water of 50 to 60 ° C(seed starter trays), and the mixture is stirred until the water temperature drops to about 25 ° C. Continue to soak for 2 to 3 hours, then remove the hand and gently rub until the seed coat is clean and shiny(32 cell trays bulk). Rinse with clean water and cover with a few layers of wet gauze (this is done because the strawberry is topped with strawberry acid, so it must be washed off) and germinated at 25-30 °C.

(heavy duty 1 gallon plant pots in canada)Wet gauze is moistened with warm water three times a day (early, afternoon, evening) to keep the seeds moist(plastic grow pots). After 60 to 70% of the seeds are white, they can be sown. It can be matured in early spring and early summer, put into flower pots to set up ears, and outdoor potted plants, watering each morning and evening(50 cell trays bulk). The plants are first removed from the pots, the senescent roots, dead roots and lower senescent roots are cut off and planted into new potting soil.

After 2 years of potted strawberry results(square nursery pots), the basin should be changed or the potting soil should be changed after the result. Regular use or after showers, alternately use phenanthrene, difenoconazole, take enemy stability, Kairun, Baitai, etc. to control strawberry anthracnose. Finish the stolons and vines, evenly distributed, ventilated and transparent(72 cell trays bulk). Strawberry seeds can be stored for about 2 years at room temperature. Cover 50%-75% shading net during high temperature period. 

Because the seedlings are covered with noodles(greenhouse supplies pots), the nitrogen fertilizer is more, the phosphate fertilizer is more, and the potassium fertilizer is less - the stems are more pumped, the seedlings are stronger, and the hair roots are better. With fertilizer 20-30 kg / mu, 60CM around the mother plant is fully applied(98 cell trays bulk). Spray the dragon light 481 twice, at intervals of 10 days. In fine weather management, it is less rainy days. Remove the stems and dead leaves.(heavy duty 1 gallon plant pots in canada)

Fertilizer and water management should be “pre-promotion and post-control”(gallon pot), and the nitrogen fertilizer should not be cut off excessively to prevent multiple stops. Timely cut off the mother plant, sort out the seedlings, and excavate the seedlings for dense planting in a dense place, so that the remaining seedlings are evenly distributed and thrive(105 cell trays bulk). At the same time, it is also possible to use the stolons to shape the art and enhance the ornamental value.

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