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Heavy Duty 130mm Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale

Green radish can not only be cultivated, but we can also hydroponic(succulent plug trays). After all, green radish is a large evergreen plant with large leaves, and its stems can grow very long. If you want to make it burst quickly, you often need a lot of nutrients as a support(soil block propagation trays). The nutrient solution of hydroponic green radish is like the fertilizer of earthy green radish, which can provide rich nutrition for plant growth.

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In addition, hydroponic plants need to drip a small amount of nutrient solution when changing water(1.5 gallon plastic container), so that plants can get enough nutrients from the water to maintain a good growth. In addition to the nutrient solution can be purchased at the flower market, we can also obtain it through homemade methods(shallow microgreen trays). And as long as you can master this technology, the homemade nutrient solution does not seem to be worse than the purchase.

Generally, the growth is also very rapid(200 cell plug trays). Not only that, but our homemade nutrient solution also needs to be carried out according to the growth habits of the plants. Then, because the green radish is an acid-like evergreen plant, our homemade nutrient solution should also be acidic, so as to promote its growth, otherwise it will not only not Promote its growth and may even have a negative effect on growth(best microgreen trays). For green radish, this is a very good nutrient solution. 

Taomi Shui is the most common mixed solution in everyone's life(grass plug trays). The original is the turbid liquid that is filtered after the rice is washed. If you want to use it as a nutrient solution for hydroponic green radish, we first need to collect the rice water. Moreover, it is not possible to directly apply fresh rice water, and it is often necessary to expose it to sunlight for 2-3 weeks(lavender plug trays wholesale). After the rice water is fully fermented and decomposed, it can be diluted with water.

Hydroponic green radish often needs to be changed regularly, and combined with the drip into the nutrient solution(greenhouse plant pots). So, how does hydroponic green radish make homemade nutrient solution? For hydroponic plants, there are many methods for making nutrient solution(propagation trays canada). After the calcium nitrate and the ferrous sulfate are sufficiently dissolved in the water, the mixed solution is stirred to form a nutrient solution of the green radish. 

It is also possible to formulate the nutrient solution of the green radish by taking a chemical solution: 125 g of calcium nitrate crystals and 12 g of ferrous sulfate(5 gallon plastic pots for plants), respectively, which are added to about 1 kg of clean water(succulent propagation tray). When changing the water, we only need to drip a small amount of nutrient solution to make the water environment of the hydroponic green radish full of nutrients for the green radish to absorb.

About 37 g of magnesium sulfate, 41 g of potassium nitrate, 28 g of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate(greenhouse trays plastic), 0.4 g of manganese sulfate, and 0.6 g of boric acid were taken, and then added to about 1 kg of water, respectively. After these substances are sufficiently dissolved in water, the mixed liquid is stirred and used as a nutrient solution of green radish(large plastic plant containers). Also, when changing the green radish, add a few drops of this nutrient solution to the water.

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