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Heavy Duty 160mm Terracotta Plastic Plant Pots UAE

Radish leaves have high nutritional value, high fiber, can prevent constipation(15 gallon container), contain vitamins and minerals, high vitamin A and B1, rich in vitamin C, rich in water, and have the effect of moisturizing and nourishing . Its taste is a bit spicy, with a bit of bitter taste, can help digestion, qi, radish sputum contains higher molybdenum(1.5 gallon nursery pots). Therefore, there is a certain role in preventing myopia, presbyopia, and cataract.(heavy duty 160mm terracotta plastic plant pots uae)

Carrot potted plants have the same high ornamental value as flowers and plants(6 inch nursery pots). Now, with only a little carrot head, you can grow a pot of lush carrot potted plants. Cut the carrot head, put it in the container, add a little water, 0.5 cm is enough, keep the water dry, after 1 week you can see a pot of lush carrot green plants! Another carrot leaves can also Edible, tastes very good(5 gallon tree pots)! When the leaves are used, the main root can be as long as 16 cm.

Choose fresh and better quality carrots (the one you eat at home). Cut the radish head with a knife, about 3 cm. If the vessel has a certain height, you can cut the carrots higher. Pour about 0.5~1 cm of water into the vessel and put the carrot head in (you can freely play it at this time). Place it in the astigmatism, and the carrot shoots will grow out after 5-6 days(miniature succulent pots). When the seedlings were unearthed 10 days after sowing, there were more than 10 thick roots.

(heavy duty 160mm terracotta plastic plant pots uae)That's right, in fact, the carrots are not only carrots, but also carrots, white radishes, and green radishes(8 inch plastic nursery pots). (You can't cut them casually!) ~They are almost the same, but the babies try to do it! So lively. Potted plants have absolutely added points at home(plastic bonsai pots wholesale). The reason why hydroponic radish is loved by so many people is not only because it is simple and convenient to operate, but also because it has a good value, but it can also be a dish!

Therefore, when nitrogen is insufficient during the harvest period, the harvest period is shortened and the yield is lowered(nursery bags suppliers). Increasing the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can promote the formation of pea nodules, prevent lengthening and enhance disease resistance. The main roots of peas developed early and rapidly(large plastic bonsai pots). Before the seedlings were unearthed 6 days after sowing, the main roots were elongated by 6-8 cm.(heavy duty 160mm terracotta plastic plant pots uae)

Apply 3,000-5000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre(plastic flower pots manufacturers bangalore), 25-30 kg of superphosphate, 10 kg of urea, 15-20 kg of potassium chloride or 100 kg of ash. According to the growth of peas, generally 5 kg of urea, 5 kg of potassium chloride or 15-20 kg of ternary compound fertilizer, combined with watering; the second top dressing can be carried out after sitting on the pod(hydroponic trays online), 7.5 kg of urea per acre, chlorination Potassium 7.5 kg or ternary compound fertilizer 20-25 kg, combined with watering.

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