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Heavy Duty 2 Gallon Plastic Nursery Pots

In a short period of time, the whole plant leaves suddenly wilting(plastic seedling trays), and the plant slowly loses the ability to make cucumbers, and severely causes dead plants. Moreover, the phenomenon of cucumber wilting has increased year by year, which has seriously affected the yield and quality of cucumber(15cm plastic plant pots). So what are the symptoms of cucumber wilting? How to prevent and cure? Cucumber will develop throughout the growing season, with the most serious disease in the fruiting period.(heavy duty 2 gallon plastic nursery pots)

Root-knot nematodes are generally distributed in the soil layer of 3-9 cm on the surface(cheap nursery pots). At the beginning of the disease, the diseased plants showed that the leaves gradually wilted from the bottom to the top, which seemed to be lack of water, which was more obvious at noon, and recovered in the morning and evening(20cm plastic plant pots). After a few days, the whole leaves of the leaves withered, no longer returned to normal, and the surface of the diseased part often produced white or pink mildew.

Once sunny, the temperature of the shed suddenly rises(plastic nursery pots manufacturers), the humidity of the air decreases, the roots absorb the water weakly, and the underground part transports less water, and the leaves will appear wilting. Prevention and control measures: For a few days in the yin, if you are in a sunny day, don't uncover all the grasshoppers at once. It is best to expose some of them first, and then gradually uncover them all(16cm plastic plant pot). When the leaves are wilting, spray the water to prevent the leaves from spraying.

(heavy duty 2 gallon plastic nursery pots)The main roots become light brown to brown, and when severe, the roots all become light brown to brown, causing the plants to wilting(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The first is to control the amount of watering, to prevent flooding of large water, and to prohibit watering even in rainy and snowy weather. The second is the slashing. Loose the soil and prevent soil compaction(vertical flower pots). The third is drug control. After irrigation, the soil moisture content is too high, and the gas permeability is poor.

In the cultivation process of cucumber in the greenhouse, the symptoms of plant wilting will occur(nursery pots wholesale). Under the condition of anoxic conditions, toxic substances are produced in the soil, causing root poisoning or hypoxia to suffocate and wilting.  The growth of the plants has been strong, but the leaves suddenly appear acute at noon on sunny days, recovering in the evening, cutting the base of the stem(13cm plastic plant pots), no discoloration of the duct, and no milk spillage. Excessive wilting causes the leaves to suffer.

Control measures: Xiaobian will come to you in detail(black plastic nursery pots). Otherwise, after sowing, the oil wheat vegetables have lower environmental requirements, especially after the cultivation of the oil wheat vegetables. Watering should be done with drip irrigation to avoid flooding and keep the soil well ventilated. Farmers who grow cucumbers know that the right medicines are suitable for local conditions(19cm plastic plant pot). As long as they are planted at this interval, the leaves will transpire quickly and in a humid environment.(heavy duty 2 gallon plastic nursery pots)

Control measures: 15-20 days before cucumber planting, watering the bottom of the foot(square nursery pots). If the soil layer is too deep, the surface should be leveled again after watering to make the soil reach the standard of deep, transparent, fine, flat and solid. The roots of the affected roots form nodules and gradually enlarge. After the root tissues are destroyed, the absorption and transportation of fertilizer and water are hindered(14 cm plastic plant pots), making the plants short, the leaves turn yellow, and the leaves are wilting. Or die.

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