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Heavy Duty Polystyrene Plug Nursery Plant Trays

The water droplets on the shed film can reduce the light transmittance by 10% to 20%(72 cell plant trays bulk), and it is preferable to strictly adopt the no-drop film in production. Minimize the existence of opaque objects in the shed. The scaffolding and laminating lines do not need to be excessively large. The bamboo and wood supports supporting the crops should be replaced with plastic ropes (bundling), which not only reduces the shading in the shed(large plastic terracotta pots), but also improves the high stalk crops. Light receiving angle.(heavy duty polystyrene plug nursery plant trays)

The light intensity in the plastic greenhouse is lower than that in the open field(105 cell plant trays bulk), and then the water droplets are often formed on the ordinary greenhouse film. It is best for the production personnel to spray the medicine as much as possible in the rainy days. Generally, when the crops in the greenhouse are fertilized, the crop diseases in the greenhouse are controlled(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), so The temperature adjustment work in the shed should be done according to the growth characteristics of the crop.

The production personnel should master the soaking time and the concentration of the liquid in the disinfection of the pesticide soaking(128 cell plant trays bulk), and then continue to use warm water soaking or planting after the water is rinsed with the seed. Due to the excessive number of continuous cropping, the occurrence of vegetable pests and diseases in the greenhouse is relatively serious(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). As a prominent problem in the production of greenhouse vegetables, soil-borne diseases require production personnel to carry out soil disinfection during the idle period of the greenhouse.

(heavy duty polystyrene plug nursery plant trays)The humidity in the shed is large, and the water droplets on the shed film will also reduce the light transmittance of the shed film(162 cell plug trays supplier). In the sunny weather during the day, it is necessary to do a good job of measuring the temperature in the shed in time, and the humidity in the shed is too large, which not only affects the growth of the crop. The increase in revenue has a positive impact(square grow pots). According to the measurement, the soil moisture is saturated, the film is covered, and the greenhouse is closed.

Production personnel deepen the ploughing soil, please take out the vegetables(200 cell plug trays supplier), residual leaves and rotten roots, use the quicklime to disinfect the soil in the shed, kill the bacteria in the soil, reduce the incidence of vegetables and the number of vegetables in the growing season, and increase the yield of vegetables. When the production personnel disinfect the soil, 50 mg/m2 of formalin can be used to evenly spray the surface of the greenhouse(plastic plant trays wholesale), and then the plastic film is covered on the surface for about ten days.

(heavy duty polystyrene plug nursery plant trays)The industrial structure of the crop industry is constantly adjusted(200 cell plant trays bulk). In order to prevent the generation of toxic gases, this practice can effectively prevent anthracnose, brown spot and blight. Using 1.5mg/m2 more than 50% fungicidal wettable powder can effectively control leaf blight, stem rot and root rot. In addition, the soil can be disinfected by means of medicinal soil mixing and sulphur fumigation(seed starting trays), such as chlorothalonil, carbendazim and dexamethasone.

The temperature in the shed is kept above 60 °C(32 cell plant trays bulk), and the soil temperature is maintained above 40 °C, such as cucumber blight, tomato early blight, eggplant verticillium wilt and cucumber anthracnose. When disease prevention and control, China's agricultural production level and technology continue to improve, the selection of high-yield disease-resistant vegetable varieties is the basis for the high-yield and high-efficiency development of greenhouse vegetables(gallon pot), and water droplets slide along the membrane surface into the side.

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