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Hierochloe Odorata Plug Tray Wholesale Suppliers Canada

As one of the main methods of seedling cultivation(plastic nursery pots wholesale), is the development of plug seedlings? How is the development of plugging seedlings at home and abroad? What are the experiences of foreign plug seedlings for reference? The first day of the 2017 China Vegetable Seedling Conference At the keynote presentation, Wang Siying, president of Wisconsin, the US marketing director of Pan American Seeds(plug trays wholesale), and famous breeder Wang Shiying gave a brief introduction.

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(hierochloe odorata plug tray wholesale suppliers canada)What are the requirements for seeds(plastic nursery pots manufacturers)? External causes - mechanized production requirements. With the development of the industry, it is possible to save energy resources and reduce costs, and the factory-based and intensive production with high production efficiency has gradually become a trend(200 cell plant trays bulk). The seedling seedlings are of high quality and good commodity, suitable for mechanical planting and easy to transport.

How did it develop(deep cell plug trays)? The rapid development of plug seedlings in recent years has benefited from the combination of both self and external factors: their own reasons - outstanding advantages. What temperature and humidity are required can be regulated. Programmatic, intelligent operation process and management. The seedling production of fine varieties has relatively high requirements on the environment(planting trays wholesale). The problem is not in the seed, but in the production environment.

External reasons - modern technological progress(32 cell plant trays bulk). First, the realization of environmental regulation. For example, it is difficult to form an autonomous control environment in the production of Datian. However, the application of the greenhouse, the different environmental requirements required for seedling cultivation can be met, and the high light is required to provide high light. Second, the update of facilities and equipment(200 cell plug trays supplier). Such as mechanization, the development of automated production tools.

(hierochloe odorata plug tray wholesale suppliers canada)Third, the establishment of a production system(black plastic nursery pots). Modern mechanized production promotes the development of plug seedlings, but also puts higher quality requirements on the seeds themselves. In the past, the germination rate and the emergence rate were used to measure the pros and cons of the seeds. "That is an outdated view, a past concept," Wang Shiying said(162 cell plug trays supplier). At present, the seedling rate and seedling rate are the key to judging the quality of seeds.

Seeds are sold from jin to granules(wholesale nursery pots). At present, the commonly used seed deep processing techniques include Detail, Coated, Primed, Pelleted, and cluster pelletization (multiple pelletization) for certain unsuitable varieties. One misunderstanding is that relying on the development of breeding technology, the quality of vegetable seeds is improved, the traits are consistent(128 cell plant trays bulk), and the yield is increased, but correspondingly, the price has also increased.(hierochloe odorata plug tray wholesale suppliers canada)

It is generally believed that when talking about the production of vegetable seedlings in China(plastic nursery pots), Wang Shiying pointed out that although it has developed rapidly in recent years, the problems are also very prominent, that is, the production technology is backward. The environmental factors are not taken into account in the production(105 cell plant trays bulk). The high requirements of the seeds for the production environment are not met, which is the main reason for the poor variety.

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