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High Quality Fabric 2 Gallon Grow Pots Netherlands

Put desiccants such as calcium oxide, charcoal, discolored silica gel, etc. and seal them with paraffin after capping(plastic plant trays wholesale). After sealing, it is better to store the seeds in low-temperature wet storage method, which is to store the seeds in a humid, low-temperature and ventilated environment. It is suitable for seeds with high water content, such as ginkgo, chestnut, walnut, plum, camellia and other tree species(32 cell seed starting trays). The method of indoor storage is to store seeds in a ventilated and cool room or basement.

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Open burial method is also known as pit storage(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The method is to put the fully dried seeds into ordinary sacks, baskets, inserted containers, boxes, cans and other containers, and put them in the rooms where the poison has been eliminated, the temperature is low, the air is dry, and the seeds can also be placed in warehouses, cellars or seed banks(105 cell seed starting trays). Sealed dry storage method is better for metal products. It can also be used in containers such as glass bottles or lead barrels. 

(high quality fabric 2 gallon grow pots netherlands)The sealed dry storage method is that the seeds are isolated from the outside air during the storage period, the seeds are not affected by the outside air humidity during the storage period, and the seeds keep the original dry state for a long time(104 cell trays bulk). The methods are as follows: select the place with high dry terrain, good drainage, leeward and easy management to dig and resist(50 cell seed starting trays). The resistance length is 2m or depends on the number of seeds, and the resistance width is 1.0-1.5m.

During wet storage, the temperature is required to be 0-3 ℃, and the maximum temperature shall not exceed 3 ℃; keep wet: good ventilation(gallon pot). Therefore, for the dry seeds with high moisture content, good ventilation conditions must be created. This method is widely used in northern China. The resistance depth should be determined according to the local climate and the height of the groundwater level(72 cell seed starting trays). In principle, it is about LM above the groundwater level and below the frozen soil layer, generally.(high quality fabric 2 gallon grow pots netherlands)

Then mix the seeds and Chengrun sand in a volume ratio of 1:3 and arrange them evenly in the pit until the pit edge is 20-40cm(seed starting trays). The moisture content of sand should be 40% ~ 60% of its saturated water content, that is to say, the sand should be kneaded by hand to form a sand mass which is not full of water, and it will disperse when the hand is loose(128 cell seed starter trays). Anchor a layer of coarse sand at the bottom of the pit, and insert a bunch of straw or holes every LM in the center of the pit Bamboo tube for ventilation.

According to the length of seed storage time and different measures taken, dry storage can be divided into common dry storage method and sealed dry storage method(square grow pots). Finally, cover the sand and straw curtain, and plant it in a star ridge shape on the top to facilitate drainage. Dig drainage ditch around the pit (see low temperature stratification for sprouting). There are many wet storage methods, mainly including open-air burial and indoor stacking(128 cell seedling start trays). During the storage of seeds, they should be checked frequently.

(high quality fabric 2 gallon grow pots netherlands)Generally, the inspection lasts from half a month to one month, and problems found shall be solved in time(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). The method of open-air burying has the function of accelerating germination at low temperature, which is similar to that at low temperature, but the temperature and humidity conditions are different (see dormancy and accelerating germination of seeds for details). The seeds can also be placed in layers with wet sand(seed plug trays wholesale), each layer is about 5cm thick.

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