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It is used to determine the p value of culture medium and enzyme preparation(square nursery pots). When determining the dry weight of the culture, it can be dried at 80 ℃ and weighed. A set of decompression and suction filtration equipment is required for filtration. The liquid medium is the one without the addition of coagulant. Solid medium is the most commonly used medium in tissue culture(wholesale greenhouse pots). Agar usually contains some impurities, and the white and clean one is the best.

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In addition, he changed the ratio of NH and no in MS medium from L12 to 1:1, and cancelled K1 in MS medium(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). The pore size of the filter membrane is different, generally 0.45; am is about, it is made of the mixture of acetate fiber and farnesol. In the presence of oxygen, the membrane can be sterilized at 125 ℃. The aseptic operation of tissue culture is mostly carried out on super clean working white(wholesale nursery pots). In the process of culture, the measurement of growth and development was affected. 

(high quality fabric bags manufacturers latvia)Including tweezers, scissors, dissolving knife, inoculating needle and inoculating shovel, etc(plug trays wholesale). It can be divided into liquid medium and solid medium. A certain amount of coagulant is added into the culture medium, heated and dissolved, and then cooled to form a solid culture medium. There are many kinds of coagulants, such as agar, gelatin, silicic acid, acrylamide or foam material(seed starter trays). Agar is the most commonly used coagulant with a concentration of 0.6% ~ 1%.

Equipment requirements are simple, easy to use, as long as the general chemical laboratory glassware and culture room can(plastic nursery pots). However, there are some disadvantages: in the culture medium, only part of the surface of explant contacts with the culture medium. The concentration of inorganic salt in MS medium was only 1 / 4 of the original, and P was adjusted to 5.0, It is beneficial to the rapid propagation of the flower(large plastic terracotta pots). Solid medium is commonly used.(high quality fabric bags manufacturers latvia)

Due to the different composition of the basic medium(black plastic nursery pots), there are various formulas (table 11-1). MS medium is the most widely used medium in plant tissue culture. Although the formulations of various media are different, the main components can be classified into national categories(flat plastic tray): including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sulfur, iron and other elements, and the mix ratio is modified by the formula of knmp (1860) plant hydroponic nutrient solution.

(high quality fabric bags manufacturers latvia)With the continuous development of plant tissue culture technology(plastic nursery pots wholesale), new requirements have been put forward for various media formulations, the improvement of reagent quality produced by the development of chemical industry, and repeated experiments by researchers. The concentration difference of different elements in various basic media can be up to 3-20 times(plastic grow pots), including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements can also be up to 10 times.

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