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High Quality Fabric Grow Bags In Bulk Belgium

The main reason for the phenomenon of poor or even non-flowering flowers is caused by poor environmental conditions(24 cell trays bulk), which make the internal nutrition of the flowers imbalance. Without certain lighting conditions, foliage plants will not show color and markings(square grow pots). The use of appropriate amount of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer during flower bud differentiation can help the differentiation of flower buds.

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The west window only has 4~5 hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon(4 cell trays bulk), and scattered light at other times, but it is strong in summer; corridors, aisles and indoor windows facing the patio in high-rise buildings are weaker; the same indoor The position near the window has strong light, and the farther it deviates(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Some negative and strong negative flowers are accustomed to growing in secluded environments.

(high quality fabric grow bags in bulk belgium)Without light, flower plants cannot perform photosynthesis and lack nutrients and energy, so light intensity is the limiting factor for flower growth(6 cell trays bulk). Illumination will also affect the ornamental effect of plants. Illumination will also affect the ornamental life of flowers(flat plastic tray). Without proper illumination, growth stagnation, the leaves of flowers are prone to yellowing, the flower color is light and the flowers are few or not blooming.

If they are in the sun, their chlorophyll will be destroyed, which will cause rough leaves(8 cell trays bulk), dark leaves, scorched branches and leaves, inability to differentiate flower buds or drop buds. even death. Therefore, these types of flowers cannot withstand sunlight. Flowers are formed by the differentiation of flower buds(propagation tray), so to bloom more requires plants to form as many flower buds as possible, and they are full and robust.(high quality fabric grow bags in bulk belgium)

If too much nitrogen fertilizer is applied, it is easy to cause the plants to grow longer, inhibit reproductive growth(12 cell trays bulk). When the light is too strong, you can use cloth curtains, bamboo curtains, reed curtains, straw curtains, cardboard, etc. to temporarily shade, or you can build a simple shade shed to block the strong sunlight(plastic nursery pots wholesale), and you can also plant some climbing plants on both sides of the balcony Perform shade.

(high quality fabric grow bags in bulk belgium)In addition to often moving outdoors during the day, lighting can also be used to solve the problem(18 cell trays bulk). The most common method is the fluorescent lamp lighting method. The appropriate temperature difference between day and night is beneficial to the accumulation of nutrients and the improvement of flowering quality(gallon nursery pots). For most flowers, the temperature difference between day and night is 8-10 ℃, the weaker the light.

Generally, the lighting tube can be installed with a reflector(36 cell trays bulk). Sometimes, some reflective materials such as mirrors and tin foil can be used to supplement the light. The physical and chemical properties of the soil are good, the flowers grow robustly, and the soil physical and chemical properties are poor(plug trays wholesale). The growth and development of the flowers are blocked, they cannot bloom normally, and even cause death.

The growth and development of flowers are affected by changes in temperature between day and night, and thus affect flowering, and they cannot grow normally(40 cell trays bulk). According to the density of branches and leaves, the small and dense branches are mostly semi-negative, such as Asparagus, Asparagus, Nantian bamboo, etc.(gallon plant pot); the large and sparse branches are mostly positive, such as a bunch of red, coleus, oleander, etc.(high quality fabric grow bags in bulk belgium)

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