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China's green leafy vegetables are important vegetables with a wide variety(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Edible green leafy vegetable organs are easy to be damaged by pests, so they should be controlled as soon as possible, and pay attention not to use pesticides with long residual toxicity period(10 gallon pots). The seed coat of green leafy vegetables is thick. 

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They include vegetables that like cold but not resistant to heat, such as celery, spinach, commercial Artemisia, winter vegetables, lettuce, etc., and vegetables that are afraid of frost and resistant to high temperature(72 cell tray), such as Yi vegetables, amaranth, sunflower, Schizonepeta tenuifolia, etc.(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy), as well as vegetables that can be planted and harvested every year, such as Huoxiang, Wuwei, perilla, etc. 

Celery and spinach are one of the important vegetables(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). The per capita consumption of celery ranks seventh among all kinds of vegetables in China(4 cell seed starting trays). Sunflower and dip vegetables are important vegetables in some areas of South China. The harvesting period of green leafy vegetables is not strict, and they can be harvested and listed by stages(50 cell plug flats). The specifications of the basin can be determined according to specific needs.

In addition, there are many kinds and different shapes, structures and flavors, which occupy an irreplaceable important position in the annual balanced supply and variety matching(10cm flower pot). The sowing material is the fruit or seed of Botany, and its seed coat is generally thick(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). The flower bud differentiation of spinach and chicory does not need strict low-temperature conditions, but the tomb pumping and flowering must have long sunshine. 

The products are soft and juicy, rich in vitamins, mineral salts, protein and carbohydrates(plastic hanging baskets wholesale). Celery, Wuling, perilla, peppermint, patchouli and other volatile aromatic substances(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Green leafy vegetables have a certain medicinal value. The edible part of artificially cultivated green leafy vegetables is an organ for producing nutrition(15cm plastic plant pots). Beautification effect: the imperial jade plant is small, unique and eye-catching. 

When water and fertilizer are sufficient, they grow vigorously, are not easy to draw tombs, are not easy to age, and have high yield(40 cell plug tray). However, after careful identification, it will be found that it is indeed a plant with vitality(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Cold tolerant green leafy vegetables have mild climate, short sunshine time, late flower bud differentiation, lower temperature in the later stage, which is not suitable for the development of reproductive organs.

The edible part of green leafy vegetables is a nutritional organ(black plastic ground cover). It needs certain suitable conditions to germinate easily(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). For formed plants, the continuous planting time in the original pot should not exceed 3 years. It looks like a hard stone no matter viewed from a distance or near. The growth temperature is 1520 ℃, and there are some differences among the types. There is no need to shade the imperial jade.

Generally, the yield and quality are better than that in spring(72 cell seed trays). Potato, sweet potato and taro are not only used as vegetables, but also grain crops: potato, taro, ginger, yam, sweet potato and pueraria are resistant to transportation, long supply period and large room for adjustment(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). China has major potato and ginger producing areas to supply the needs of the whole country(polypropylene ground cover). It can receive normal light immediately.

The temperature requirements of green leafy vegetables are generally divided into two categories: one requires a cold climate and is relatively cold resistant(18 cell seed starting trays), such as spinach and patchouli, which can overwinter in the cold and open areas of the north(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy); Celery, Artemisia, Yemu, Huangwei, Shangxiang, lettuce, winter vegetables, chicory, shepherd's purse, cauliflower, Yuqian spinach, etc. are cold resistant vegetables.

Cold resistant green leafy vegetables need a period of low temperature and long h light to pass through the vernalization stage(105 cell seed trays). Overwintering or sowing in early spring are easy to blossom in early summer, and the quality becomes worse after dusk. It can quickly pull out and blossom under long sunshine and high temperature(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). It likes warm green leafy vegetables. It is a plant with high temperature and short sunshine.

Seed treatment before sowing is conducive to germination and emergence(1.5 gallon plant pots). Due to the lack of strict collection standards and small plants and short growth period, it is suitable for intercropping and multiple cropping, and also suitable for close planting(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). The specific low temperature degree and time required vary greatly due to different types and varieties(11cm plastic plant pots). Morphological characteristics: perennial fleshy herbs. 

The same kind of green leafy vegetables can be sown in rows and listed in stages(4 gallon plant pots). When the scale extract of Dacheng and onion is mature, the stem tissue gradually shrinks and hardens, which can hinder the penetration of water and air into the scale extract, prevent premature germination and prolong the storage time of bulbs(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). They should be watered and fertilized in time to ensure the needs of growth. 

The key to obtain high yield is to prevent immature vine and promote the full growth of stems and leaves(20 cell plant trays). Stem slender, linear. Leaves simple, opposite, heart-shaped, grayish brown, fleshy. Sweet potato and taro vegetables are vegetables used for vegetables with underground organs such as tubers, roots, ball bases and tubers rich in carbohydrates(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Green leafy vegetables have high requirements for water bar conditions. 

Long sunshine is conducive to the growth of leafy vegetables(seedling tray 128 holes). Cold resistant green leafy vegetables are tender in quality under low illumination, while heat-resistant vegetables need strong illumination. In order to ensure the health of people eating green leafy vegetables, it is not appropriate to apply too much nitrogen fertilizer during cultivation, especially in protected cultivation, so as to reduce the content of nitrate(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy).

Like warm green leafy vegetables, late emergence of spring sowing sexual organs, long harvest period and high yield(24 cell seed trays); The emergence of sexual organs in autumn sowing is early and the harvest period is short. People can eat green leafy vegetables almost every day(128 cell seedling trays). It should be harvested and sold in time to make the products fresh and tender(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Their family name, genus name and alias are shown in the table. 

 The flowering period is from May to October(16cm plastic plant pot). At present, the cultivated sweet potato and taro vegetables in China include bell alarm, ginger yam, taro, sweet potato, konjac, grass stone, sliver, Pueraria, Jerusalem artichoke, vegetable soil appendix, scorched taro, etc. If the growth time is too long or the conditions are not suitable, it is easy to fibrosis and the quality is significantly deteriorated(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy). Underground with tuberous roots. 

The other kind likes warmth, such as garden vegetables, Yongcai, apricot, sunflower, perilla, purple backed sunflower, basil, etc(200 cell seedling trays). it can grow at an appropriate temperature of 20 ~ 25, and stop growing below 10 ℃ for fear of frost. The branches are 90 cm long. Flowers are solitary in leaf axils, and the base of corolla is united and spherical(high quality fabric grow bags suppliers italy); Ovary superior. Lucifer(105 cell propagation trays). Results are usually not seen under cultivation conditions.

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