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It has 2-3 generations a year(cheap plastic hanging baskets). It was sprayed with dichlorvos, trichlorfon, spiromethor and phoxim. The beetle is commonly known as jinkelang. It is widely distributed and has a mixed feeding habit. The adults were killed artificially. By using its false death, the branches are artificially vibrated to make it fall to the ground and catch(plastic garden pots wholesale). Agricultural measures and chemical control should be taken to control pests in soil.

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The adults bite the leaves and the larva is called the pot, which is an underground pest(bulk grow bags). The common damage to flowers and trees are copper green beetle, Oriental beetle, apple beetle, small blue and white chafer and so on. Spray once every 7-10 days for several times to get effect. Underground pests have been lurking in the soil for a long time, and their feeding habits are miscellaneous(plastic flower pots wholesale). Seed dressing or soil treatment.

(high quality fabric plant pots factory israel)During the damage period, 90% trichlorfon could be sprayed with 1000-1500 times of trichlorfon or 1000-2000 times of dichlorvos(plastic tree planters). Frog stem pest is a kind of insect that feeds on the branches and stems of Rana chensinensis, which causes the holes to be full or the channels are full(large plastic planters cheap). The common pests of frog stem that harm flowers and trees include longicorn beetle, chitin, stem bee, oncomelania macrocephala, etc.

In the occurrence period of adults, the larvae can be killed manually(fabric bags wholesale): pay attention to regular inspection, and immediately remove the eggs and larvae with a knife when they are found to have eggs and larvae harmed; insert steel wire into the wormhole to stab the larvae, or inject 100 times of 80% dichlorvos or 40% Omethoate from the wormhole(v9 nursery pots), and then fill the hole with soil to expose the larvae. 

The stems of herbaceous flowers are tunneled by frogs and often die of wilting(black fabric bag). The larva is green and spins and droops when disturbed.  If a hole is found on the tree trunk of flowers and trees, and sawdust like insect excrement is discharged out of the hole, it is the damage of frog trunk pests. Soil pests, also known as underground pests, moth moth, have many kinds(72 cell trays). The specific measures are as follows.(high quality fabric plant pots factory israel)

Generally speaking, leaf eating insects have chewing mouthparts, which mainly erode leaves and buds, resulting in incomplete leaves and holes(4 inch pots bulk). Among them, Zoysia japonica, wax squeezing, ground tiger, golden needle beetle, cricket butterfly, seed fly larva and so on are more serious(3.5 inch square plastic pots). Leaf roller moth, whose larvae roll leaf harm, will leave or several leaf levels together, hide in which to bite the leaves. 

(high quality fabric plant pots factory israel)They can damage the seeds, young roots, seedlings and young stems of various flowers(large potting pots), often resulting in the lack of seedlings and ridging, even destroying the seeds and replanting, resulting in serious losses. Most of the underground pest damage period mainly concentrated in spring and autumn, but the most serious damage was from April to May(72 cell trays bulk). The control method is the same as that of aphids.

The nursery bed should be cultivated intensively and turned deeply in autumn to worsen the living conditions of pests in the soil(9 inch plant pot), so as to inhibit the development and reproduction of pests. In order to irrigate water and weed in time, organic fertilizer must be fully decomposed when applying organic fertilizer(plastic seed trays). Non decomposed organic fertilizer, such as yellow fertilizer or cake fertilizer, often induces a variety of pests.

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