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High Quality Gallon Pots Manufacturers China

In life, we often place some flower plants at home(48 cell propagation trays wholesale). When choosing flower pots, many people often use plastic flower pots, not only because of its light weight, but also because it is more potable than other materials. It's cheaper and it's very cost-effective to use. Compared with ceramic pots, plastic pots are lighter in quality. Many pot manufacturers use this as a breakthrough. They use recycled plastics to produce pots(plastic nursery pots). They not only put eco-labels on pots, but also save costs and further form on price. Advantage.

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(high quality gallon pots manufacturers china)However, there are certain differences in the price of different plastic flower pots(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). What are the factors that affect the price of plastic flower pots? The difference is in the material. Some plastic pots use recycled plastics. The pots of this material are environmentally friendly and the raw material costs are lower, so the price is cheaper than other plastic pots, which is the first reason that affects the price of plastic pots(plastic nursery pots wholesale). The price of plastic pots of different shapes is also different.

Nowadays, many people plant flower pots and plants, they are more inclined to novel shapes(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). For traditional shape plastic flower pots, their interest is not big, and those strange plastic discs can really attract their attention, some flowers The basin manufacturers seized the customer's psychology, carried out counterpart production, improved the shape of plastic flower pots(black plastic nursery pots), and painted various patterns on the pots and pots, creating a lot of creative flower pots, which also caused to some extent. The difference in price.

(high quality gallon pots manufacturers china)Plastic flower pots are used to grow flowers and plants(15 cell trays bulk). When choosing, we should pay more attention to the price/performance ratio, rather than paying attention to the price. The biggest annoyance of people who like to raise flowers in the city is that they like to raise flowers without suitable places. The growth of flowers has a lot to do with sunshine and temperature. If you want to raise flowers, you must provide a good environment for flowers(plug trays wholesale). Due to the different climates of the different orientations of the balcony, one must choose according to the different habits of the flowers.

At the same time, reasonable management is required to raise the flowers(21 cell trays bulk). Let's share the experience of growing flower pots with different orientations on the balcony. The east-facing balcony can only get four to five hours of light per day, but the east-facing balcony is shaded in the morning, so it is a shaded place in the afternoon, so it is suitable to place some slightly shade-resistant flower plants, such as Clivia. , Du Fu and so on(cheap plastic plant pots bulk). The sunshine on the west-facing balcony is similar to the east.(high quality gallon pots manufacturers china)

However, the intensity of sunshine is higher than that of the east-facing balcony, especially around two o'clock in the afternoon(32 cell trays bulk). The direct sunlight is strong and it is very unfavorable for the growth of flowers. However, you can consider planting grapes, honeysuckle, green radish and other climbing plants, and support them with shelves, so that you can create a cool and quiet environment. It is also possible to plant creeper on the west-facing balcony and climb the entire western wall in two or three years. The south-facing balcony is a good place to raise flowers due to the sun(plastic nursery pots manufacturers).

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