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Just like the growth of area, the growth of dry matter weight of leaves is closely related to the growth rate of leaves(3x6 grow tray). In the seedling stage of maize, the growth rate of dry matter weight is slow because of the slow growth rate of leaves. Therefore, proper irrigation at the later stage of maize can not only prolong the functional period of leaves(5.9inch plastic plant pots), but also maintain the vitality of roots, and make the dry matter produced by leaves of maize continuously transported to grains.

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The stem is not yet elongated, and the main component of single standard dry weight is time slice(2 gallon grow pots). According to the determination of Li Bohang in 1961, before jointing, the dry matter weight of leaves accounted for 92-97% of the dry matter weight of the whole plant. It can be seen that the leaves, as assimilating organs(5.5inch plastic plant pots). The growth speed of leaves, leaf area and dry matter weight of leaves increased rapidly and reached the highest value, the small leaf area.(high quality grass growing trays manufacturers china)

From grain formation to grain filling stage(15 gallon grow bags), the growth of leaves basically stagnated, the leaf area gradually reduced, the organic matter (protein, sugar) in leaves transferred to seeds, and the proportion of ear weight increased sharply. According to the results determined by the Isotope Laboratory, during the filling period(planting trays wholesale), the dry weight of the leaves decreased by 0.191-0.216 g per day on average, were the main organs of dry matter growth of Maize in this period.

(high quality grass growing trays manufacturers china)The transfer of dry matter in the later stage of maize is a normal phenomenon, but the speed and time of transfer are closely related to the cultivation conditions(plastic planters for sale). If there is a lack of fertilizer and water, the transfer time of dry matter will be correspondingly advanced, and the leaves are easy to dry up early, which is not conducive to the increase of dry matter weight of grains(72 cell plug trays). During the whole straight-line growth period, dry matter increased rapidly.

From emergence to jointing, the increase of plant dry matter weight is in direct proportion to the initial weight, but in exponential relation to time, so it is called exponential growth period(decorating plastic plant pots). In the exponential growth period, the weight of a single plant increased from 0.23-0.28g in the third leaf stage to 38.6-48.6g, the relative growth increased by 170 times(long life propagation trays), and the relative growth rate was 5.32-7.08g/g/day, reaching 6.215 g / g · day.

In this period, the weight increasing organs of dry matter per plant were mainly grains and rachis(orchid plug trays). If expressed in logarithm, the growth of the logarithm of dry matter is proportional to time. The area of the lower leaf is the smallest, and the dry weight is the lowest; the area of the three leaves of the stick is the largest(nursery tray manufacturers), and the dry weight is the highest; the area of the upper leaf decreases in turn, and the dry weight also decreases gradually.

The dry matter weight per plant of corn reached the peak at milk ripening stage(hole tray). Later, with the dry matter of leaves and other organs moving to reproductive organs, the dry weight of leaves decreased correspondingly, while the dry weight of female ears increased significantly(1.5 gallon nursery pots). At the end of this period, the plant height was about 1 meter, which was in the period of jointing. The main organs of weight gain were leaves, followed by roots.(high quality grass growing trays manufacturers china)

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