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High Quality Plastic 15 Gallon Pots For Sale Canada

The plant is placed in a cool and ventilated place(plastic plant trays wholesale). If it is properly put out, sun shading should be done. It is not allowed to be sealed by the summer glare. After that, the soil will be moistened, and the stem will be sprayed regularly to maintain a certain humidity(24 cell seed trays). This will take root after 20-30 days, and the bud of the stem part and side will also germinate and become leaves. Beautiful plants with high ornamental value.

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During the planting period, it is in high temperature and drought, so drought resistance and timely watering should be strengthened(plastic terracotta pots). The time of drought resistance watering should be before 8 o'clock in the morning, in the evening or in the evening(4 cell plant trays). Light watering and frequent watering should be used to make full use of the drought resistance facilities such as micro spray, drip irrigation, semi fixed spray irrigation and sunshade net.

(high quality plastic 15 gallon pots for sale canada)The leaves are edible(seed starter trays). The depth of insertion is the first time when the 1/4-1/5. is sprayed. The width of the border is 150cm, with two rows of each border, and the plant spacing is about 45cm. After planting, topdressing should be carried out in time to promote early development. About 10kg urea should be applied per mu(6 cell seed trays). In the early stage, topdressing should be carried out mainly by light and frequent watering. It is warm and cold resistant.

When the flower ball is small and big, a top dressing (2 / 3 ammonium bicarbonate + 1 / 3 calcium superphosphate) is applied in the hole between the plants(7 gallon plant pots), watering until half of the flower ball melts, and after that, it is basically ignored, just to be harvested. You only know organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer(1 gallon plant pots), but you don't know that green fertilizer is the best one for vineyards. Green fertilizer refers to organic fertilizer made from green plant straw.

Green manure is a kind of green plant which can be used as fertilizer directly after burying or retting(plastic plant pots). It has all nutrients and can improve the soil. The flowers of Agastache rugosa are blue and purple, with flowers in summer. The flowering period is generally from June to August, and they can bloom to frost(5 gallon plant pots). Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can be used for fertilization, but it should be noted that too much nitrogen is not conducive to flowers.(high quality plastic 15 gallon pots for sale canada)

Green manure crops can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil(seed starting trays), because in addition to the organic matter in green manure can improve the soil structure, its root system also has a strong ability of interpenetration, which makes the soil loose and porous, and the permeability and water holding capacity increase, so as to improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil(1.5 gallon pots), and make the soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat more coordinated.

(high quality plastic 15 gallon pots for sale canada)Pay attention to the collection of seeds after the flower withers, which can be sown in spring or autumn next year(square plastic pots). When sowing, the seeds can be covered with soil for one centimeter, which can increase the grass ash as the base fertilizer. The agastache has strong adaptability, low requirements for nutrients, and low requirements for soil(3 gallon plant pots). However, it is better to use sand soil with good drainage performance, so it is not suitable to plant in low-lying areas.

For forest land ecological chicken(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers), you can pick the leaves of Agastache rugosa, wash them with water, tear them into strips or keep the whole leaves with your hands, put them into a cup, pour in hot water, and half an hour later, you will have a cup of cool and fragrant agastache tea. The suitable growth temperature is 15-25 ℃(2 gallon plant pots). If the temperature is about 22 ℃ in the daytime and 15 ℃ in the night, its growth condition is the best.

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