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High Quality Plastic 2x4 Grow Tray Factory Netherlands

After natural cooling and soaking for a certain period of time, when the requirements are met, seed germination and sowing are proposed(128 cell trays). When some seeds expand, sieve out the expanded seeds. For example, after 30 days of low temperature stratification, the field fixed germination rate of Larch seeds increased by 4 time(72 cell trays)s, and the average seedling height and air dry weight of the whole plant were significantly higher than that of the control.

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Cone bud can improve the germination rate, make the seedlings unearth neatly, shorten the emergence period, and improve the quality and yield of seedlings(162 cell seed starting trays). For example, physiological dormant seeds such as Pinus koraiensis, orange tree, cypress, shuiquti, root tree, shandingzi and baton tree, if they are sown with seeds that are not sprouted, can be soaked in 40 ℃ - 50 ℃ warm water(72 cell propagation tray); they usually do not germinate or a few seeds germinate in that year.

(high quality plastic 2x4 grow tray factory netherlands)In the case of sample tree seeds, the germination rate of seed field without germination is 3%, and the germination rate of seed field after 60 days of stratification at low temperature (I ℃ ~ 3 ℃) is 94%(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). The moisture content of stored seeds is very low. Take the black locust seed as an example. When soaking for the first time, it can be soaked in 70 ℃ hot water(plastic seed trays). After the water cools naturally, it can continue to soak for about 24 hours.

The seeds of Pinus tabulaeformis, Platycladus orientalis, Cunninghamia lanceolata, Pinus densiflora, Pinus elliottii, Pinus elliottii, tangerine, phellodendron, etc(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). the seeds of Suzuki, mulberry, Paulownia with thin seed coat can be soaked in 30 ℃ or cold water. In this way, plants can survive the adverse environmental conditions for the growth of their seedlings(plastic garden pots wholesale), ash tree, Yuanbaofeng Shazao, wenguanguo, Huanghu, cherry, huojianshu and Zanthoxylum, etc.(high quality plastic 2x4 grow tray factory netherlands)

Plant seed dormancy is a kind of characteristic formed in the long-term growth and development process of plants to adapt to the environment for survival(288 cell plug tray). The dormancy degree of seeds of different tree species is different, which can be divided into forced dormancy and long-term dormancy(plastic plant pots 20cm). Forced dormancy forced dormancy of seeds due to the lack of necessary water, temperature, oxygen and light conditions for germination surface dormancy.

(high quality plastic 2x4 grow tray factory netherlands)Such as Korean pine, hemlock, gingko, juniper, white pine, oil palm(20 cell propagation trays wholesale), goose palm, Fraxinus mandshurica, root tree, hawthorn, stator, aeolian wish wood, seven leaf tree, Magnolia officinalis, nuclear woodcutter, camphor tree, olive tree, black cypress, lacquer tree, belt tree, bitter weapon, Sichuan model, holly, privet, black penalty tree(19cm plant pots), Silver Wattle tree, black locust, acacia, acacia tree, Zaoying, acacia tree, yellow firewood, double leaf weapon.

Generally speaking, it can be divided into the following reasons: mechanical obstacle of seed coat, seed containing germination inhibitor and physiological ripening(24 cell seed trays). Soak the seeds in hot water at 80 ℃ for 24 hours, and then sieve out the expanded seeds. Finally, soak the hard seeds in hot water at 90 ℃(plastic plant pots). Forced dormant seeds, such as pine, spruce, fir and larch, also increased the germination rate and seedling growth by low temperature stratification.

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