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High Quality Plastic 4 Gallon Container Suppliers Canada

The seeds should be disinfected before entering the pit and not planted for a day and night with 45 ℃ water(seedling trays). When the seeds enter the pit, water immersion is to soak the seeds in water. The water temperature and time of seed soaking depend on the thickness of seed coat and the size of seed grain(plastic flower pots). Such seeds, if used directly for seeding and seedling raising without inspection, are likely to cause huge losses.

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Note: the water temperature of seed soaking refers to the starting temperature, rather than maintaining this temperature all the time(square nursery pots). Generally, seeds with dense testa and poor water permeability need higher water temperature. In addition to the above methods, the following methods are also used at home and abroad(perlite aggregate): compared with the low-temperature stratification, the treatment of seeds (such as peach, plum, plant, etc.) with plant growth regulators is a new method.(high quality plastic 4 gallon container suppliers canada)

Among plant growth regulators, gibberellin, ethylene and cytokinin have been proved to be effective in breaking seed dormancy(decorative garden pots). Chemical treatment is to use chemical treatment of seeds, in order to achieve the purpose of lifting dormancy. Generally, for the dry oil and wax seeds, such as lacquer, Fraxinus mandshurica, black cypress, prickly ash and other seeds, it is the most basic material for forestry production to use alkaline solution(plastic hanging baskets), such as baking soda, wood ash and forest seeds.

The purchased seeds are often poorly raised and of unequal quality, and there are some cases of mixed and fake seeds(spill trays). Therefore, before purchasing and using seeds, it is necessary to test the quality of seeds and determine the use value of seeds by analyzing the quality of seeds, calculate the seed price (use value) and determine the sowing amount according to the seed inspection results(plastic plant trays wholesale). The pit depth is 0.8-1.0m, width is 1.0m, and the length depends on the number of seeds.

(high quality plastic 4 gallon container suppliers canada)There are three functions of forest seed quality inspection(plug trays): first, through seed inspection, to ensure that forest production uses high-quality seeds, so that the improved seeds can play a greater role in increasing production; Second, according to the results of seed inspection, according to the national standard of forest seed quality grading gas, evaluate the grade of seeds(plastic terracotta pots), price according to the quality grade when purchasing seeds.

Therefore, forest seed inspection is an indispensable and important link in forestry production(5 gallon garden pots). It is common to see the failure of seedling raising due to the use of inferior seeds in production. Its function is to soften seed coat, increase the activity of water absorption, swelling and aging of seeds, and promote the transformation of storage substances for the needs of embryo growth and development(seed starter trays), implement the principle of high quality and good price.(high quality plastic 4 gallon container suppliers canada)

The regulations stipulate that seed inspection must be carried out before seed collection, storage, allocation and sowing(15 gallon plastic pots), and the inspection must be carried out in accordance with the national standard "forest seed inspection regulations" or relevant local standards. The sample sent for inspection is the sample sent to the seed inspection agency, which can be the whole mixed sample or a part randomly taken from it(wholesale plant pots). See Table 4-2 for soaking temperature and time of important tree species.

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