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High Quality Plastic Bonsai Pots Wholesale France

Immature seeds have high moisture content, are not easy to store, and are prone to pests; immature seeds are prone to mechanical damage during preparation(sowing tray); late seeds are often harvested or affect the number of seeds that are easily scattered; Seeds that are susceptible to bird and insect pests too late can also reduce seed quality and reduce seed yield(3.54inch plastic nursery pots). The seeds should be collected in dry weather as much as possible.

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When it snows or rains, the seeds should be interrupted(plant germination trays). Trees cannot be planted in windy weather. The mother tree should be strictly protected when the seeds are collected, and the bark, trunk, large branches, etc. must not be damaged. For the convenience of seed modulation, the characteristics of seed threshing are generally similar(5 gallon nursery pots supplier). The artificial drying method is a method of drying and threshing the balls by artificial heating measures.(high quality plastic bonsai pots wholesale france)

The actual height of the collected seeds should not exceed 20 ~ 30cm(plastic flower pots manufacturers). Attention should be paid to the safety of seed collectors, and technical personnel should guide the seed collection site. In order to separate the seed sources, ensure the identity of the batches, use the seeds reasonably, and guarantee the seed quality, a seed registration system must be established(7 gallon nursery pots supplier). Each batch of seeds should fill in the seed harvest registration form separately as required.

Seeds is the general term for seeds and fruits(seed starting tray wholesale). Some seeds used in forestry production are seeds such as Chinese pine, etc .; some are fruits such as ash, ash, elm, sugar machinery, etc. Seed seed modulation is also called seed seed treatment, that is, the process of removing seeds from fruits. The purpose is to obtain pure, good seeds for easy transportation, storage or sowing(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). The contents of this kind of real Huhu include: threshing, net seeding, drying and grading.

(high quality plastic bonsai pots wholesale france)There are many tree species in my country(plant cell trays). Species with similar modulation methods can be combined and classified into cones, dried fruits and fleshy fruits. Different kinds of fruits have different preparation methods. The following principles should be followed when threshing during the preparation process(14 gallon nursery pots supplier): for seeds with high water content, dry threshing should be used for dry seed; for seeds with low water content, dry threshing should be used for dry seed.

It is suitable for trees with small and light seeds(6 cell plant trays), girths or hairs, and easily scattered with the wind after maturity (such as poplar, willow, fruit, Paulownia, Schima superba, etc.). The natural drying method is the most widely used method in production, such as Chinese pine, larch, cedar, spruce, arborvitae, wetland pine, fire pine, Caribbean pine, etc(15 gallon nursery pots supplier). This method can be used. The cones of red pine It is not easy to thresh, and seeds can be obtained by tapping after drying.

In some areas, the temperature is low and the humidity is high(50 cell plug trays). The seeds are not easy to fall off as soon as possible due to natural drying. Artificial drying methods must be used, such as a drying room. The artificial drying method can shorten the threshing time, but this method requires higher conditions, poor control of drying temperature and gas exchange, etc., which can easily damage the seeds and reduce the vitality of the seeds(gallon plant pots wholesale). Sometimes refers to sowing trees.(high quality plastic bonsai pots wholesale france)

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