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High Quality Plastic Flower Pots In Bulk USA

In particular, opening the main branch angle can lead to early results, increase yield, improve quality, and prevent baldness in the lower part(128 cell seed trays wholesale). Cut the cortex of the branches with a knife and scissors on or under the bud. The xylem is called a nick, and the nick is usually performed in the early stage of growth(bulk 10 gallon pots). Strengthen the growth momentum to reduce the branches, to stay weak and stay strong, to stay straight and straight, less to keep fruit branches.

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Ring peeling interrupts the translocation system of the phloem(128 cell trays bulk), temporarily increases the accumulation of nutrients above the ring peel, can effectively promote the formation of flower buds and improve fruit setting rate, and promotes the application of flower formation on auxiliary branches of young apple trees and temporary plants(3.94inch plastic plant pots). Weaken the growth potential to increase branches, such as the use of high-drying, to stay strong to stay weak, straight to stay flat.(high quality plastic flower pots in bulk usa)

Under-bud injury can alleviate the growth of buds and branches, and is conducive to the formation of flower buds(72 cell plug trays supplier). To adjust the strength of growth, the following points can be considered: in terms of pruning period, to strengthen growth, it is necessary to weigh winter and summer light, early winter shear; to weaken growth, it is necessary to light winter and summer weight, delay winter shear(4.13inch plastic plant pots). However, ring stripping is generally not applied on backbone branches.

Pulling branches should be carried out at the young tree stage, change the head(72 cell propagation trays wholesale), replace the original head with upright branches Increase the branch density to keep the branch that has been drawn as much as possible, and it is best to start when the shoots basically stop growing and not lignified throughout the year(plastic planters bulk). Ring stripping peels off the cortex of the stem during the growth period called ring stripping; short cuts can also increase branch density.

(high quality plastic flower pots in bulk usa)To strengthen the growth, the branch axis should be extended straight(sureroot plug trays bulk), raising the bud position (that is, the branch is straightened); to weaken the growth, the branch axis should be bent and extended, and the bud position should be lowered (that is, the branch will be flattened or re-cut). Twisting and taking branches Twisting is to twist the Wangzhi downward or rotate the base and sprain it(plastic planters suppliers), and some change the direction of the branches.

Another method is to pull and support branches by external force(72 cell seed trays wholesale). When you are in a hurry, you can also use your back to change your head. Weakening local growth can strengthen the growth of other parts of the tree. Using growth regulators, growth promoters can be used to enhance growth, such as GA(shallow microgreen trays); injuring the xylem and cortex, growth inhibitors can be used to reduce growth, such as B, CCC and CEPA, orthotropin, leave fruit branches at the top.(high quality plastic flower pots in bulk usa)

If leaving the external buds does not solve the problem, you can use the "inside bud outside kicking" method(blow molded nursery pots), that is, when winter shearing, the second bud under the cut is selected as the part of the branch that will be extended in the future. Afterwards, the first branch is upright, the second branch has a large branch angle, and is obliquely outward(deep cell plug trays). When winter shearing, cut the first branch, leaving the second branch as an extension branch, no fruit branches at the top.

Cut the angle and select the upward branch buds as the shearing branch buds(7 gallon nursery pots bulk); use the brace to make the branch buds stand upright; shorten the pruning, leaving no or few fruit branches at the top of the branch; use competitive branches and long branches to control the up and down, use delayed winter shearing, topping, backbone branch bending and rising(large plastic planters uk), bud upper ring cutting, scratching or twisting to increase points Branches, leave more fruit branches.

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