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High Quality Plastic Ground Cover For Weeds Ireland

Therefore, according to the characteristics of natural climate, the accumulated temperature of corn sown in July is only about 1000 ℃(10x20 plant trays). Under the condition of direct seeding, even early maturing species can not guarantee normal maturity(105 cell plant trays bulk). The interplanting of corn in wheat field can be sown 15-20 days in advance, which not only does not consume agricultural time, but also can gain 300 ℃ accumulated temperature.

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At the same time, it creates conditions for selecting middle and late maturing high-yield varieties for summer sowing corn, which generally increases production by 10-15% compared with the latter(15 gallon flower pot). Corn can be planted in black soil, grass soil, yellow soil and red soil in China(128 cell plant trays bulk). In case of serious iron deficiency, the veins turn yellow, the leaves turn green and white, and brown spots often appear in the middle or tip of both sides of the leaves. 

(high quality plastic ground cover for weeds ireland)According to the analysis of the Institute of geography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, corn is not very strict in soil requirements(v13 nursery pots). Potassium is rich in nutrition, which is beneficial to the development of vascular bundles, the development of collenchyma, and the improvement of resistance to lodging and disease(162 cell plug trays supplier). The pathogen of maize, such as smut, dry rot and leaf spot, often overwinter with the diseased plant.

In the south of China, which is rich in heat resources, intercropping can also be used to increase the multiple cropping index, so as to achieve the purpose of multiple harvest and increase the yield(8 inch plastic pots). Yunnan is one of the provinces with the most abundant heat resources in China, but before the reform of cultivation system(plastic planters suppliers). After the implementation of intercropping and interplanting system, the output changed significantly.(high quality plastic ground cover for weeds ireland)

In the early stage of corn growth, it is more drought resistant, grows faster before and after heading, needs more water, and has different responses to natural disasters such as early, waterlogging, wind, freezing and so on in different growth periods(succulent planter tray). Therefore, adjusting the sowing time of corn can reduce or avoid some disasters(200 cell plant trays bulk). In a long time, the leaves become scorched and necrotic, the veins remained green, even the whole leaves fall off.

(high quality plastic ground cover for weeds ireland)Therefore, interplanting in wheat field is an important measure to ensure stable and high yield of corn(v15 nursery pots). For example, the climate in North China is characterized by waterlogging in early spring and summer. Spring maize is still in the dry period from May to June when it is jointing and booting, so as to achieve the purpose of seeking benefits and avoiding harm(shallow microgreen trays): but the growth of soybean needs wet conditions, and the corn leaf spot disease is restrained.

However, the rainy weather in July often occurs in the seedling stage of summer maize, resulting in "bud waterlogging" and some diseases(v14 nursery pots). The symptoms of iron deficiency in maize were firstly manifested in the young leaves. The mesophyll lost its green and yellow color, and the waterlogging resistance is enhanced, and the middle and lower leaves showed yellow and green stripes(72 cell plant trays bulk), the heat resources were not fully utilized.(high quality plastic ground cover for weeds ireland)

If the interplanting of corn in wheat field is carried out, when the rainy season comes(disposable plastic plant pots), the corn has entered the period of nutrition growth and reproduction growth, not only can the threat of waterlogging be avoided, but also the rainwater can meet the characteristics of corn's more water demand, while the sweet potato has many leaves and creeps on the ground(32 cell plant trays bulk), which can reduce the soil Soil evaporation has a certain early resistance.

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