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High Quality Plastic Hanging Baskets For Sale Philippines

If the sample has fully germinated before the specified end period(plastic planters bulk), and the number of germinated grains per day for the last 3 consecutive days does not exceed 1% of the average number of seeds tested, this measurement can be ended early. Observe and record that when the seedling grows to a certain stage, the necessary basic structure is already available, and it has met the normal seedling conditions(8 cell propagation trays wholesale). The extension time shall not exceed 1/2 of the prescribed time at most.

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At the end of the measurement(plastic planters suppliers), distinguish the fresh grains among the ungerminated grains, and the identification can be carried out by the tetrazole staining method and the incision method. After recording and recording, it is picked from the germination bed. Removal of seed coat In order to soften the seed coat and facilitate the peeling of seed kernels(14 gallon pots distributor), different pretreatments should be performed on the seeds according to the condition of the seed coat.(high quality plastic hanging baskets for sale philippines)

Severely spoiled seedlings are also picked out so as not to infect other seedlings and seeds(shallow microgreen trays). After immersing each sample in acid and rinsing it thoroughly, soak it in room temperature water for a while. Taking out the measurement sample 100 seeds were randomly taken from the pure seeds after the clarity measurement as 1 repetition, and 4 repetitions were taken in total(12 cell propagation trays wholesale). When picking out seedlings, it is necessary to prevent seedlings from affecting the germination and growth.

The determination of goodness is based on the appearance and internal condition of the seed to identify the seed quality(deep cell plug trays). Defective abnormal seedlings should be kept on the germination bed until the last count, in order to continue observation and analysis. The number of selected seedlings and the number of remaining seeds on the germination bed should be equal to the number of remaining seeds at the previous record(15 gallon pots distributor). Old seeds and semi-full seeds are easily poisoned and need to be sterilized.

(high quality plastic hanging baskets for sale philippines)Many tree species(large plastic planters uk), such as pines and ash seeds, can be dyed after slitting. Large-grained seeds, such as Ban Piao, Aconium, Walnut and Ginkgo, can be dyed with "embryo". Seeds that are easier to peel off the seed coat, such as Chinese fir, masson pine, wetland pine, fire pine, Huangshan pine, Milao Pai, benzoin, Pistacia chinensis, Eucommia, etc.(18 cell propagation trays wholesale), can be soaked in water with an initial temperature of 30℃-45℃ ~48 hours, daily water change.

Hard seeds with dense seed coats(plant pot suppliers), such as Kongzaidou, Taigou Acacia, Black Wattle Tree, Juge, Baige, Jinshu and Slider Tree, etc., can be soaked with %% concentrated sulfuric acid for 20-180 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then Soak the seeds in water for 24-48 hours, and change the water daily(36 cell propagation trays wholesale). On the seed after soaking, cut a square of about 1 square centimeter including the radicle, hypocotyl and part of the cotyledon (or endosperm).(high quality plastic hanging baskets for sale philippines)

Its advantage is that the method is simple, does not require complex equipment(wholesale plastic garden pots), fast, and can get the test results in a short time. Hard grain seeds, such as Kennedy Acacia, Orange Tree, Nanyang Rong, Leucaena, etc., can be soaked in water with an initial temperature of 80 ℃ ~ 85 ℃, stirred and soaked in natural cooling for 24-72 hours, changing the water daily(40 cell propagation trays wholesale). If the measured sample germinates less than the specified time, the time can be extended appropriately.

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