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High Quality Plastic Nursery Trays Suppliers USA

There must be more than one row of columns in the sunlight greenhouse with bamboo and wood structure(seed propagation trays). The front house needs 1 ~ 2 rows of columns, which are called front columns. The columns standing on the roof ridge are called middle columns. The middle column is the "backbone" of the greenhouse. It should not only bear the weight of the front roof, but also the weight of the rear roof and all external loads(3.5 inch square plastic pots). One is to open the seam to let out the air.

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Therefore, the material selection should have sufficient strength guarantee, and the specification and size design should be reasonable to prevent the collapse of the greenhouse(plastic cell trays supplier). The foundation includes column base and wall base. In addition, if the inside of the wall is painted white, it can also play a role of reflection and improve the indoor light conditions. Therefore, the wall must have a certain thickness(72 cell trays). Generally, the depth is 40-60em, and the width is 30-40cm.

(high quality plastic nursery trays suppliers usa)When the heat preservation is not enough, crops can be piled on the outside of the wall to strengthen the cold resistance(plastic potting pots). It is not only the enclosure of solar greenhouse, but also the important barrier of cold proof and heat preservation, which blocks the loss of indoor heat. In order to make the column stable and firm, the bottom tribe of the column is required to be in the center of the foundation and connected firmly(72 cell trays bulk). The air vent is set on the front roof.

The cold proof ditch is generally selected outside the transparent roof footing and excavated along the extension direction of the greenhouse(seed starting trays wholesale). The outside of the north wall of the greenhouse can also be dug. In some places, cotton quilts or felt are used, and some are covered with kraft paper or waterproof non-woven fabric under the coverings(1 gallon pots distributor). When adjusting the temperature, it can be adjusted through the vent without special heating equipment.(high quality plastic nursery trays suppliers usa)

The ditch is filled with hay, straw, horse manure or leaves and other materials with high thermal resistance, which are covered with soil tightly to prevent the horizontal heat transfer of indoor soil to the outside(heavy duty gallon pot). Through the natural ventilation of the vent, the greenhouse can cool down, reduce humidity, eliminate harmful gases and supplement carbon dioxide(plastic nursery trade pots). Generally, one is set every 3M, and the height of the windowsill from the ground is about 1m.

(high quality plastic nursery trays suppliers usa)The air vent is generally divided into two rows(heavy duty plant pots), the upper row is set at a place about 50cm away from the house, the lower row is set at a place 1 ~ 1.2m away from the ground, and the two films at the air vent overlap by 20-30cm, so as to prevent the air from closing laxly. When the ventilation is not enough in spring, the lower end of the front roof can also be wiped to put the "bottom wind"(plant trays without holes). Now, ventilation windows are mostly set in the back wall. 

A buffer room shall be added at the open end of the large-area sunlight greenhouse (over 333m7) to prevent the cold wind from entering the room directly(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). At the same time, it can be used as a tool for storage in the working room and a rest room for management personnel. It is a cold proof and heat preservation equipment covering the transparent roof at night(2 gallon pots distributor). At present, most of the products are made of Typhonium mongolicum.(high quality plastic nursery trays suppliers usa)

The key to the success of seedling cultivation is to cultivate seedlings in the greenhouse with League materials and control the appropriate temperature in the room(cheap 2 gallon plant pots). When the temperature reaches 20 ~ 25 ℃, the seeds of many tree species germinate fastest and the seedlings grow vigorously(v9 nursery pots). The best temperature is no more than 30 ℃ during the day and 15 ℃ at night. When the indoor temperature reaches 30 ℃, the air outlet shall be opened for cooling.

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