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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots In Bulk Ooland

Due to the dependence of crops on chemical fertilizers, the replacement of chemical fertilizers with biological bacterial fertilizers cannot be adapted at once(square nursery pots). Sweet cherry fertilization should be based on tree age, tree vigor, soil fertility and the fertilization characteristics of the variety, and grasp the type of fertilizer, the amount of fertilization, the period and method(40 cell trays bulk). 

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Therefore, the amount of replacement should be 30%, 40%, and 60% in the first, second, and third years respectively(cell trays). Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can only be made up, not reduced(40 cell tray in bulk). At present, the effective bacteria of microbial fertilizers in China do not survive for more than 1 year, so the microbial fertilizers purchased should be used as soon as possible, and the effect of expired microbial fertilizers is definitely not good.(high quality plastic plant pots in bulk poland)

Provide timely and appropriate supply of various nutrients required for the growth and development of sweet cherries to achieve the purpose of strong trees, high quality and high yield(gallon plant pot). The high-yield practice of supplementary application of grain fertilizer has proved that the large leaf area, high photosynthetic efficiency, and long leaf function period in the late growth stage of corn are the basic guarantee for achieving high yield(51 cell trays bulk).

(high quality plastic plant pots in bulk poland)And one of the important guarantees for the maturity of corn green leaf live stalks is to have sufficient inorganic nutrients at the flowering stage(black plastic plant pots). Therefore, it should be applied as appropriate(36 cell trays bulk). After applying 15 kg of urea per mu of topdressing fertilizer (accounting for 15% of the total fertilizer), the grain filling strength increased significantly, and the weight per thousand seeds increased by about 22 grams.

Solid humic acid fertilizer (such as ammonium humate, etc.), generally 100-150 kg per 667 square meters(gallon nursery pots). The tapping fertilizer is generally applied before and after the flowering stage of the female spike, mainly with available nitrogen fertilizer, the amount of top dressing accounts for about 10% -20% of the total amount of top dressing(large plastic terracotta pots), pay attention to the combination of fertilizer and water.(high quality plastic plant pots in bulk poland)

Do a good job of foliage spraying(18 cell trays bulk). When the humic acid solution is applied as a base fertilizer, the concentration is 0.05% -0.1%, and the amount of 250-400 liters of water solution per 667 square meters can be applied together with farm fertilizers, either furrow or hole(104 cell trays bulk). Artificial detasseling and assisted pollination artificial detasseling are an effective measure to increase production, generally increasing production by 4.2-14.5%.

(high quality plastic plant pots in bulk poland)If the tassels are removed in the high-yield fields with larger groups, the effect of increasing yield is more obvious(plug trays). Detasseling should be carried out when the tassels have just been withdrawn and have not yet bloomed(flat plastic tray). Tests have shown that artificially-assisted pollination can increase production by more than 4.5%, and interlaced de-maleization combined with artificially-assisted pollination can increase production by more than 11.5%.

It is easy to bring out the leaves too early, affecting the photosynthetic area, and the tassels have bloomed and loosen the powder too late, reducing the effect of detasseling(seed starter trays). Detasseling should use deinterlacing or detasseling. The number of de-male plants does not exceed half of the number in the whole field(nursery plant pots). Don't go to the edge of the ground or the head of the ground, so that the ears of corn can be pollinated.

For fields that have been using chemical fertilizers for many years, the application of biological bacterial fertilizers cannot significantly reduce the application of chemical fertilizers and organic fertilizers(propagation tray). Artificially assisted pollination can reduce baldness and lack of grains and increase the number of spikes(plastic grow pots). Assisted pollination has more obvious effect on plants with late silking and plots with large groups and many weak plants.(high quality plastic plant pots in bulk poland)

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