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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Manufacturers China

First of all, select 1-2-year-old full and full branches as propagation materials(black plastic nursery pots), carve under a node position in the middle and lower part of the branches, it is better to strip a circle of cortex with the width of 0.3 star meter, and then wrap it with soil or moss, and bind plastic film or bamboo slips outside(200 cell plant trays bulk). For some trees and shrubs with difficulty in rooting, they can be propagated by means of high branches and layering.

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In the spring of the next year, cut off the mother body, plant in the basin or move into the nursery to raise large fungi(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Grafting a part of a plant (Jiede) onto another plant (rootstock) to make its tissues heal each other and cultivate into an independent individual is called grafting Fanya(32 cell plant trays bulk). Many kinds of woody flower and fruit viewing flowers, such as rose, green peach, plum blossom, osmanthus, tangerine, camellia, azalea, apple, grape, etc., are cultivated by grafting.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

In general, in chrysanthemum cultivation, grafting method is commonly used to cultivate Dali chrysanthemum and tower chrysanthemum(plastic grow pots). Grafting can be used to repair precious seedlings damaged by diseases and insect pests or machinery. After summer and autumn growth, the Striped seedlings in spring can form their own roots. The plants of cactus family are also often propagated by grafting. The benefits of grafting are as follows(50 cell plant trays bulk). This paper introduces several common methods. 

(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers china)They should be cut off from the mother body one month before the leaves fall, so that the Striped seedlings can grow on their own roots for a period of time(plastic nursery pots). Before winter, we should dig ditch and plant or bury soil to prevent cold to ensure safe overwintering(wholesale greenhouse pots). The high pressure method is used for the higher branches, that is, the cut part of the branches is surrounded by moist soil or moss, and the environmental conditions for rooting are given.

Low temperature treatment and spray treatment are widely applied methods, and can also promote rooting(square nursery pots). The layering method is to press the branches at the lower part of the mother plant into the soil, so that the adventitious buds of the nodes or internodes germinate and grow new roots, and then cut them off from the mother plant and plant them separately to form a new plant(wholesale nursery pots). The substrate should always be kept moist, and it can take root after being cultured in summer and autumn.(high quality plastic plant pots manufacturers china)

It can blossom earlier and keep the good characters of flower abandonment or excellent fruit varieties(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Using the strong adaptability of rootstocks, grafting can improve the resistance of flowers and trees (cold resistance, waterlogging resistance, early resistance, disease and insect resistance, etc.). Selecting dwarfing rootstock can make apple, pear, cherry chess and other fruit trees dwarf, bearing early, big fruit and good quality(seed starter trays). After rooting, the mother body is cut off and replanted.

Cutting method: mostly used for open woody flowers(plug trays wholesale). Do not water directly after sowing, it is better to use the soaking basin method to water, so as not to wash away the seeds. After the soil is soaked, cover the basin with a piece of glass, and cover the glass with newspaper for shading, so as to maintain the temperature and humidity in the basin(flat plastic tray). Turn the glass carefully once a day to ventilate the basin and remove the water droplets on the glass.

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