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High Quality Plastic Plant Pots Wholesale Suppliers Italy

The utilization of the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer by the national nitrogen bacteria is temporary(black plastic nursery pots). In combination with other measures, such as large-scale application of organic fertilizer, selection of alkaline fertilizer and inoculation of soil microorganisms(wholesale greenhouse pots), to create favorable conditions for the growth of soil microorganisms and seedlings is effective to improve the quality of seedlings and the yield of qualified seedlings.

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Rhizobium fertilizer is generally used for seed dressing, that is, to make the fungicide paste with cold water, and to mix seeds indoors to prevent UV sterilization(plastic nursery pots). Rhizobium bacteria are specialized, not all Rhizobium bacteria can form root nodules on the roots of any legume plant. Nitrogen fixing bacteria live alone in the soil near the roots of plants, which can absorb nitrogen in the air and transform it into ammonia which can be used by seedlings(40 cell propagation trays wholesale), and can produce stimulating substances to promote the growth of roots of seedlings.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers italy)In addition, the poor permeability of soil is not conducive to the propagation of soil microorganisms and the growth of seedlings(plug trays wholesale). The physical properties of acid soil are not good, sticky and hard, ventilation and drainage are not good, which is not conducive to the growth of fungus trees and the propagation of microorganisms(50 cell seedling trays wholesale). It includes: ammonia fixing bacteria, rhizobia, phosphating bacteria, potassium bacteria and other bacterial fertilizer and mycorrhizal fungi fertilizer.

The amount of nutrients applied to the soil, such as phosphoric acid, becomes less than that which can not be given, so it can improve the efficiency of phosphorus by 25% ~ 100%(plastic nursery pots wholesale). Ammonia fixing bacteria is a kind of bacterial fertilizer which is made by separating ammonia fixing quotient from soil(51 cell propagation trays wholesale). As long as good farming and fertilization systems are adopted, nitrogen fixing bacteria can reproduce vigorously, absorb a large amount of nitrogen and change into ammonia needed by seedlings. 

Nitrogen fixing bacteria have no different species, any seedlings can be used, so it is widely used(wholesale nursery pots). Therefore, Rhizobium fertilizer should be applied to the primary legume seedlings. Phosphating bacteria is a bacterial fertilizer made of phosphorus bacteria(104 cell propagation trays wholesale). Because of their activities, they promote the decomposition of the organic phosphates in the soil, release the phosphorus that can be used by the seedlings, and make the mineral invalid phosphorus in the soil become the effective phosphorus.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers italy)

Brick is an indispensable nutrient element for the growth of seedlings(128 cell plug trays supplier), but phosphorus is most easily fixed by the soil, most of which is in the state of compounds that can hardly be absorbed and utilized by seedlings, or even completely cannot be absorbed by seedlings. In order to make the nitrogen fixing bacteria in the root system live vigorously and absorb more nitrogen, it is necessary to supply the nitrogen fixing bacteria with the sense compound(40 cell plug tray wholesale). Rhizobium is a bacterial fertilizer made of Rhizobium.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers italy)At the same time, the soil filling should have good water conservation and ventilation conditions, and also need to apply the phosphorus and potassium fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). At last, the phosphorus and potassium elements that can be used by the seedlings should be transformed. Please chemical bacteria fertilizer is generally used for seed dressing, and seed in the backlight to prevent direct light sterilization(2.5inch square nursery pots). In some soils, nitrogen fixing bacteria are natural and do not need seed dressing.

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