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The grafting method for cultivating the middle sticky seedlings(seed starting tray wholesale). Middle cool refers to the addition of one branch with special traits between the general real rootstock and the cultivar. The function of the middle anvil varies, and its application depends on the purpose of cultivation(50 cell trays bulk). The middle selenium fruit seedlings can be expressed as: cultivars/middle sticky varieties/basic brick tree species.

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For example, using Maojiao to graft board vegetables generally has a low survival rate, but if you take branches from the grafted plants as an intermediate anvil to graft board tickets(plant cell trays). The length of the middle brick branch of apple dwarf varieties is generally 15-20 cm, which can play a better dwarfing effect(98 cell trays bulk). This method is mostly used for grafting evergreen broad-leaved trees, such as camellia, camellia and other tree species.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale sweden)Rooting can be carried out indoors, followed by planting seedling circles in spring(6 cell plant trays): it can be planted in a greenhouse seedbed after grafting, or trenched in the shade, buried in wet sand, and planted in the field the following spring. Seedling magnetic grafting Seedling root grafting(105 cell trays bulk), also known as sprout grafting or seedling grafting, is only suitable for nut tree species such as walnuts, Bantu, Camellia and other large seeds.

The interface is bound with perishable hemp skin(50 cell plug trays), or clamped with a clean aluminum tooth sound strip (room 1~1.5 cm). This is to increase the affinity of grafting chestnut and Maojiao through the middle anvil, and it can be called the affinity middle knock. If the branches of the varieties with dwarfing traits are used as the middle bricks(3.54inch plastic nursery pots), if grafted during the dormant period, the grafted tree can be dwarfed. Shorten the middle brick.

For example, the M-type or MM-type grafted bricks commonly used in apple cultivation are used as intermediate anvils(seed cell trays), which can use the strong roots of the foundation (solid root) to enhance the adaptability of the plant, and can dwarf the tree to achieve dwarfing and dense planting Cultivation purpose of early fruit and high yield(15 cell trays bulk): If the tree species with strong cold resistance is used as the intermediate rootstock.(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale sweden)

Taking the cultivation of apple dwarf middle cool fruit seedlings as an example, the grafting method of middle root fruit seedlings is introduced(128 cell trays). The current grafting methods of dwarf intermediate cool seedlings mainly include continuous bud grafting method, bud grafting grafting method and double branching (bud) grafting method, then grafting to Maocao will easily survive(21 cell trays bulk), the cold resistance of the cultivar can be improved.

(high quality plastic plant pots wholesale sweden)The continuous budding method first buds the buds of the dwarf basal cultivars(seedling trays), and after the bud germination branches grow to a certain thickness, then in summer and autumn, according to the length of the intermediate magnetic requirements, from the germination branch base 15 ~20 star rice, the buds of the cultivar are budded, and the base is cut in the next spring(4.33inch plastic nursery pots). This branch is called the intermediate base.

Cut the dwarf selenium branches with the buds of the live cultivars in the spring of the following year as intermediate bricks (also can cut the sand in autumn), and graft them on the fruit trees to produce dwarf middle-cool fruit seedlings(v14 nursery pots). Therefore, the middle magnetic grafting seedlings are composed of the foundation (mostly solid seedlings), the branches of the middle brick varieties, and the three segments of cultivars(32 cell trays bulk).

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