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High Quality Plastic Plant Trays Factory Indonesia

All flowers and trees that bloom on the branches of the year(3 gallon black plastic nursery pots), such as rose, pomegranate, hibiscus, cauliflower, gardenia, hypericum, etc., can be re-cut to allow them to shoot more, bloom, and bear fruit. Like other plants, flowers have the most obvious performance in the annual cycle in two stages(3.5 inch square plastic pots), namely, the regular changes in the growth phase and dormancy period. 

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Shrubs blooming in early spring, such as forsythia, spring, elm, plum, seaweed, clove, peach, bauhinia, etc.(plastic terracotta planters), the flower buds were formed in the previous year, and the branches growing in the previous year Qianxiang: and four seasons tapestry, on, should be after flowering Cut lightly, just cut 1/5 of the branches(72 cell trays). Spring irrigation has the effect of heat preservation and humidification.(high quality plastic plant trays factory indonesia)

The type of flowers and branches and leaves, such as red raspberry, lemon beam, etc.(8 inch nursery pots), should be re-cut in winter or early spring, and then lightly cut to germinate most branches and leaves. The phenomenon of dormancy is the state of the plant when the metabolism is reduced to the lowest level in order to resist the bad environment of the foot, and it is a physiological adaptability inherent to the plant(72 cell trays bulk). Low temperature period.

In order to adapt to the adverse low temperature conditions(8 inch plant pot), a series of morphological and physiological changes occur in the deciduous flowers and trees native to the temperate zone, such as stopping growth, leaf shedding, and formation of dormant buds(v9 nursery pots). Some flowers and plants stop growing in the early days of high temperature and dry season in summer, and even fall leaves, such as fuchsia, cyclamen, and lotus.

(high quality plastic plant trays factory indonesia)Shrubs that bloom in summer and autumn(7 inch plant pot), such as wood orange, crape myrtle, rose, pearl plum, rose, should be re-cut during the winter dormancy period, and 2/3 of the branches can be cut off. Shrubs that view both flowers and fruits, such as The gold and silver wood, water cotoneaster, flower outline, etc(plant trays without holes). can be lightly cut during the winter dormancy period, and only 1/4 to 1/5 of the branches are cut off.

This method has a good cold-proof effect on biennial flowers, perennial flowers and bed seedlings, and its application is extremely common(5 gallon plastic container). Due to the extremely large variety of flowers and varieties, showing a dormant state, the site conditions of origin are complex and diverse, and the types and characteristics of their sleep periods are also diverse(plastic nursery trade pots). Irrigation method winter irrigation can reduce or prevent frost damage.

Due to the different climates in different regions, the cold protection methods adopted are also different, and the common application methods are as follows(nursery containers wholesale). Before the frost arrives, the mulching method covers hay, fallen leaves, horse dung, or straw mats on the surface(plant plastic trays). Paper covers, glass windows, and plastic films can also be used to clean the silicon surface after the late thunder, and sleep with seeds for winter.(high quality plastic plant trays factory indonesia)

After the annual flowers germinate in spring, they die after blooming and fruiting(15 gallon plastic pots). After sowing the biennial flowers in autumn, they will overwinter dormant or semi-dormant in the state of seedlings. In the winter, partly withered perennial root flowers and dormant flower shrubs are often cultivated at the base of the plant stem to protect against cold(succulent planter tray). After spring comes, the soil will be flattened before germination.

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