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High Quality Plastic Plug Flats Wholesale Australia

The splitting method is suitable for thicker or thicker rootstocks such as rootstock stems and scion, and rootstocks less than 1 star rice should not be used(3 gallon pots manufacturer). Then cut the shape into a shape, and cut both sides into a 2.5-3.5 cm front, and the outside is slightly thicker than the inside. Each scion should carry 2 to 3 buds, and the upper bud should be on the outside(shallow microgreen trays). In this way, the interface can also be cut with a branch shear.

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Cut the base wood from the part with the thickness equivalent to the ear branch(bulk 4 gallon pots), tear the skin layer downward in a strip shape, and tear the skin side into the bud cover until the bud cover box is tight, then the torn skin will wrap up the bud cover. It is necessary to preserve the German strips under low temperature and humidity conditions(deep cell plug trays), and to keep the ear buds in a non-germinating state, in order to increase the grafting success rate.

(high quality plastic plug flats wholesale australia)Grafting with green branches is mostly carried out when the new pin stops growing and the branches are half-lignified(1 gallon plant pots distributor). Commonly used grafting methods are splitting method, cutting method, skinning connection method, abdominal cutting method, skinning abdominal connection method, jointing and tongue connection method(large plastic planters uk), freely forming layer butting method, leaning method and green branching method.

When inserting the connector, the mold part of the cleaver(bulk 1.5 gallon pots), or the iron with a flat tip, or the tip of the scissors can be used to pry open the connector, and gently insert the connector and insert it. Attention should be paid to aligning the formation layers of the locust tree with each other, do not use too much force, and do not insert all the cut surfaces of Jiede(plant pot suppliers), it should be exposed 0.3-0.5 cm, called "lubai", Nabo is tight.(high quality plastic plug flats wholesale australia)

can make the combination of the base sugar more tight, and it is also conducive to the metal joint at the interface section(2 gallon plant pots distributor). If the base wood is too thick, you can insert one on each side of the interface to stabilize it. In short, after grafting, the formation layer cells at the interface between the anvil and the joint and other cells with meristematic capacity begin to divide and form healing tissue(5.9inch plastic plant pots). The knife should be sharp, and the front should be vented.

(high quality plastic plug flats wholesale australia)Cool wood breaks from a smooth place of 8 to 10 cm above the ground(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price), and cuts the cut flat, and then cuts the interface straight from the center of the cross section of the base wood. Do not use too much force when cutting to prevent splitting. Strike the back of the knife (or slowly press the knife) to make the knife cut slowly(wholesale plastic garden pots), the length of the split should be adapted to the front of the joint, and wax coating.

However, for the tree species with affinity, the reason why the grafting survives is that after the plant is traumatized(bulk 2 gallon containers), its cambium cells have the ability to produce boxed tissue (the cambium is bounded between the xylem and phloem of the stem and stem of the tree, and the regeneration is very strong Strong thin cell layers). There are many methods for moisturizing, including pile sealing, plastic bags, wrapping with plastic strips.(high quality plastic plug flats wholesale australia)

The wax seal is used to seal the interface tightly with a plastic film, and then the packaging rope is used to tie the blog(24 cell trays bulk). The effect is very good. In addition, the asphalt oil emulsion (50-100 grams of fat oil per 5 kilograms of asphalt, heated to make a thick emulsion ) Strictly seal the interface and the top of the gear(6.3inch plastic plant pots), which is economical, simple and easy to use, and the effect is good, but it must be heated at any time during application.

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