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High Quality Plastic Seedling Cup Factory China

In winter and spring, there are more wild tree stumps in the flower market, such as Tianzhu, elm, bird plum, Niaobusu, Hongkaimu, and wisteria(105 cell propagation trays wholesale). There are many red ones, and a lot of cream yellow ones. It is elegant and generous, with various forms, harmonious colors and antique beauty(plastic nursery trade pots). This person likes it. Don't be impatient, to prevent "a step up to the sky" and haste.

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Because its drainage and ventilation performance is slightly worse than that of bisque-fired pots, it can be used for some flowers with stronger growth ability, and it is also suitable as a set of pots(128 cell propagation trays wholesale). The advantage is that it is light and beautiful, and there are more tropical foliage plants(plant trays without holes). According to their texture, especially glaze pots, they can be divided into porcelain basins, glazed basins and purple sand basins.

(high quality plastic seedling cup factory china)The disadvantage is poor drainage and ventilation performance(162 cell propagation trays wholesale). Of course, this is not absolutely absolute. If you have an experienced person for guidance, or you can read and study some of the better flower growing books, you can also buy some rare and difficult flowers for cultivation(v9 nursery pots). In addition, water bamboos, after buying a tree stump, it should be planted first, and then modeled.

Water basins can be divided into shallow basins and deep basins(200 cell propagation trays wholesale). Shallow basins can be dry rock bonsai and deep basins. Aquatic daffodils, ornithogalum, or aquatic plants used for soilless cultivation such as rich bamboo, sylvestris, radix, cold water flowers, etc., can also be used for flower arrangement(10.5cm plastic grow pots). In the water basin, there is also a large lotus tank, which is dedicated to planting lotus and water lilies.(high quality plastic seedling cup factory china)

Use flower pots that are not easy to breathe, porcelain pots or plastic pots(112 cell propagation trays wholesale). In fact, if the flower pot is big, it is like a child wearing adult clothes. If the flowerpot is too small, it will also make the appearance "top-heavy". At the same time, there is too little pot soil, which affects root development and is unfavorable for flower growth(v11 nursery pots). Water basins have no drainage holes in the bottom of the basin and can contain water.

(high quality plastic seedling cup factory china)The bottom hole of the pot must be filled with a few broken tiles or broken pot pieces, and a layer of broken coal should be placed to make the drainage smooth(288 cell propagation trays wholesale). In addition, after planting flowers in this kind of flowerpot, the pot soil should not be too wet to prevent root rot(100mm plastic grow pots). The size of the flowerpot is generally based on the diameter of the pot. The smallest pot has a diameter of 10 cm and is also called an eggshell pot.

Not only does it look disproportionate and looks ugly, but the flower pot is too big and there is too much soil(20 cell propagation trays wholesale). Keeping the pot soil at a relatively high humidity for a long time will make it difficult for the roots of the flowers to breathe, resulting in suffocation and rotten roots, and even withering and death(succulent planter tray). The commonly used flowers for growing flowers are 12~24 cm, commonly known as 4-inch to 8-inch pots.

The shape and color of the flowerpot should be in harmony with the flower(24 cell propagation trays wholesale). Those who are just beginning to learn to grow flowers do not pay much attention to whether the shape and color of the flowerpot are in harmony with the shape and color of the flower, and they just want to keep the flower species alive. But if you grow flowers to a certain extent, you will consider this issue(plant plastic trays). Conducive to flower growth.(high quality plastic seedling cup factory china)

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