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High Quality Plastic Seedling Pots Factory China

Such as kumquat, gardenia, rubber tree, iron tree, etc.(heavy duty gallon pot), the old roots and original soil removed should not exceed 1/4 of the entire mud mass (except for garden professional units or those with cultivation experience). But pay attention to environmental hygiene during the production process(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). Among them, vermiculite and perlite can also be used as a medium for supreme cultivation.

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It can be digged to a depth of 20-30 Ten centimeters above the surface layer is used as potting soil(heavy duty plant pots). Artificially cultivated soil. Also known as artificial soil, nutrient soil and humus soil. Accumulate and compact in the corners and other places, let it naturally ferment and decompose, turn the pile once every six months(square grow pots), and then pour thin human feces and urine, etc., dig out and expose it to the sun.(high quality plastic seedling pots factory china)

It is better to mix it with other artificial culture soil and sand after being smashed and thinned by sun exposure(cheap 1 gallon plant pots). However, after it is decomposed, loose aeration, it should be noted that the “raw soil” dug deep from the building site and the remaining construction waste soil do not belong to this scope(seed starting trays). This kind of soil is different from the above-mentioned two kinds of mountain mud and pastoral soil.

(high quality plastic seedling pots factory china)One of the methods for making artificial cultivation soil: mix the fallen leaves of autumn flowers and trees, weeds and the vegetable peels, melon peels, bean husks(cheap 2 gallon plant pots), Chinese medicine residues and other plants in the domestic garbage with soil, and then mix them with water and place them in the garden(plastic plant trays wholesale). After sieving, Heilongjiang, the soil particles are roughly divided into Can be used as pot soil.

Families with conditions can also make their own(2 gallon nursery container wholesale price). The culture soil made by artificial methods is characterized by looseness, fertility, good drainage, rich in organic matter, and acidity. This kind of soil, due to long-term growth of a variety of plants, or after continuous cultivation and fertilization, generally has a good closed grain structure(gallon pot), more fertile, and good water storage and drainage performance.

The color is brown-black or brown, mostly from mountainous areas(cheap 7 gallon plant pots). This kind of soil is formed by natural fermentation of fallen leaves in alpine trees for many years, and most of it exists on the surface layer. Among them, the black mountain mud from the mountainous areas such as Ningbo(nursery plant pots wholesale), Zhejiang is high-quality (this kind of mountain mud is pinched by hand After that, it loosens as soon as you let go).

Yellow sand and high-temperature treated vermiculite, perlite, chiang ash (or plant ash), etc.(black plastic plant pots), can be used as supporting roles. Its characteristics: loose texture, good water retention and fertilizer retention, good ventilation and drainage performance, more organic matter content, rich nutrition, suitable as the soil for most potted flowers(large plastic planters cheap). It is synthesized after artificial configuration and cultivation.(high quality plastic seedling pots factory china)

The characteristics of this artificial cultivation soil: high fertility, acidity, lightest weight, non-toxic, non-polluting(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), it is a modern universal flower-growing material (can also be mixed with other soils), and it is family flower-growing , Especially an ideal soil for indoor cultivation of tropical foliage plants(plastic flower pots wholesale), has been developed by the Tuhai Garden Research Institute, and the soil is available in the market.

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