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High Quality Plastic Sowing Tray Suppliers Ireland

Check the development degree of seeds, such as empty seeds, half full seeds, embryo defects, astringent seeds, etc.(mushroom growing trays); check the mechanical damage of seeds: check the infection of seeds with diseases and insect pests, such as the hidden diseases and insect pests inside the seeds, the damaged parts of seeds, the excreta of insects, etc(40 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, it is necessary to understand the types and causes of dormancy of seeds.

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Some seeds, such as forged tree seeds, have a layer of "plant heart with membrane" inside the seed coat, which blocks gas exchange and significantly improves the germination rate after removal(propagation trays for cuttings). After the physiological dormancy seeds are mature, they can't germinate even if given proper germination conditions, which is called deep dormancy(104 cell plug trays supplier), mainly due to the internal physiological conditions, also called physiological dormancy.(high quality plastic sowing tray suppliers ireland)

It is the result of long-term natural selection of plants(small plastic hanging baskets), that is, the ecological characteristics of plants formed in the process of system development to adapt to special environment and maintain the continuous development and evolution of species, which is very beneficial to the preservation and reproduction of tree species, but it brings great trouble in the process of seedling raising(16cm plastic grow pots). Generally speaking, seed dormancy refers to physiological dormancy.

Forced dormancy seeds have the ability of germination, but due to the lack of the basic conditions for germination (suitable temperature, water and oxygen), the seeds are forced to be in a static state(greenhouse trays and pots). If these conditions can be met, the seeds can germinate quickly. This kind of dormancy is called forced dormancy, also known as forced dormancy, also known as static(105 cell seed trays wholesale). Such as poplar, think, stick, probe, Chinese pine, acorn pine, masson pine, larch, spruce, cypress, fir and so on.

(high quality plastic sowing tray suppliers ireland)Such as Pinus koraiensis, Pinus bungeana, Ginkgo biloba, Euonymus japonicus, Shuiyou sugar(thermoform pots), Acer truncatum, white wax, double leaf machinery, forge tree, lacquer tree, hawthorn, Huanghu, huzhuangxiang, yew and so on. Seed somnolence refers to the natural phenomenon that seeds with vitality cannot germinate or are difficult to germinate for a time due to the influence of some internal factors or external conditions(20 cell plug trays supplier). Therefore, they cannot germinate.

In identification, the viability of seeds is mainly determined by the location and proportion of seed coloring, rather than the depth of staining(v10 nursery pots). Some seeds, such as those of legumes, have a hard and dense seed coat, which prevents the water from entering. Even if the seeds are immersed in the water, they cannot absorb water and expand(16.5cm plastic grow pots). Especially in the north of China, the seeds often need to go through a certain dormancy to advance.(high quality plastic sowing tray suppliers ireland)

After the tree seeds mature, the seed coat is hard and dense, the water content is the lowest(hydroponic farming tray), the cell contents have undergone profound changes, the internal nutrients are transformed into insoluble state, the metabolism is slightly to enter the dormancy state. Due to the dormancy characteristics of seeds, it is difficult to produce(18 cell plug trays supplier). Only in this way can corresponding measures be taken to relieve dormancy. This kind of seed has a long life.

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