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High Quality Plastic Three Gallon Pot Suppliers USA

But the number of times is laborious, and the specific number depends on the soil texture, rainfall distribution, and tree species characteristics(plastic plant trays wholesale). After fertilization, whether or not to cover the soil has a great influence on the effect. For example, after application of ammonia water and ammonium bicarbonate, if the soil is not covered, the fertilizer loss is great(wholesale greenhouse pots). According to the horizontal distance from the seedlings, 5-10 cm is suitable.

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It can also be applied dry with liquid(plastic plant pots wholesale suppliers). For top dressing with liquid, first dissolve the fertilizer in water and then pour it in the ditch; in order to spread the fertilizer evenly during dry fertilization, dry fine soil can be mixed with the fertilizer several times or tens of times and then evenly skimmed in the ditch, and finally covered with soil, To prevent loss of fertilizer efficiency(2 gallon plant pots distributor). Ditch application is also called strip application.

(high quality plastic three gallon pot suppliers usa)When spreading fertilizers, be careful not to pull them onto the leaves of the seedlings, otherwise the seedlings will be seriously injured and even die(plastic nursery pots). The topdressing depth and ditch distance are based on the principle that fertilizer can be absorbed and utilized by seedlings to the maximum extent(greenhouse supplies pots). The specific depth varies according to the nature of the fertilizer and the depth of root distribution. Generally it should reach 7-10 cm.

We tested the seedlings with carrageenan(plastic nursery pots wholesale). From the young to the fast growing period (from May to next August), we traced the field with ammonia, and measured the absorption rate of seedlings at different depths and distances. Judging from the effect of top dressing on the growth of seedlings, the same amount of fertilizer has multiple effects(bulk 2 gallon containers). The amount of nitrogen top dressing should be the most during this period.(high quality plastic three gallon pot suppliers usa)

Please be easy to be fixed in the soil coal, so it is generally not used for soil top dressing, and it is often mixed with organic fertilizer as base fertilizer(plastic nursery pots manufacturers). Irrigation first dissolves the fertilizer in water, then invests in the seedling rows, and then irrigates. The above three fertilization methods have the highest rate of fertilizer absorption by furrow application(wholesale nursery pots). If ammonia water and ammonium bicarbonate do not cover the soil, the ammonia The losses are even greater.

(high quality plastic three gallon pot suppliers usa)The mineral fertilizer is applied in the ditch(black plastic nursery pots). Sprinkle the fertilizer with dry soil and spread it between the seedling rows, cover the soil, and irrigate. Taking Platycladus orientalis seedlings (density 340 plants/m2) as an example, the optimal fertilization amount of Platycladus orientalis is nitrogen 200 kg/ha, phosphorus 200 kg/ha(24 cell trays bulk), the seedling quality index is the best, the number of qualified seedlings is the largest, and the economic benefit is the largest.

The common disadvantage of other methods is that the fertilization is shallow(plug trays wholesale), and the fertilizer cannot be covered completely, or the soil cannot be covered, which reduces the utilization rate of the fertilizer. Taking urea as an example, the seedling absorption rate in the current year using the ditch method is 45%, seedlings begin to absorb(cheap plastic plant pots bulk), the application rate with irrigation is 27%, and the absorption rate withdrawing urea is only 14%.(high quality plastic three gallon pot suppliers usa)

After 20 minutes to 2 hours after spraying, about 24 hours can absorb more than 50%, without rain, in 2-5 days can be fully absorbed(square grow pots). The results show that: the top surface irrigation, from late May to early June, the absorption rate is up to 2.15%; the same period ditch application of 5 cm and 10 cm were 4.65 and 5.09%(3 gallon nursery container wholesale price); by July the absorption rate of the ground surface It is 0, and the absorption rate of 10 cm in trench application reaches 25.64%.

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